How Long Do Dumpy Tree Frogs Live?

How long do dumpy tree frogs live?

These nocturnal arboreal amphibians, commonly known as dumpy tree frogs and Australian green tree frogs, are hardy, medium-sized frogs that can thrive in most types of captivity. They are very adaptable and can even become dormant during dry months when other frog species are more active.

Dumpy tree frogs can be found in both native and invasive populations throughout Australia, New Guinea, and the United States. They are docile and unafraid of people, making them popular exotic pets around the world.

They are also well adapted to different environments and can be housed indoors, including in bathrooms and kitchens. They can be highly tolerant of low humidity (as long as you mist the enclosure daily).

Their color ranges from bright green to a teal blue, and they can appear piebald with white speckling all over their bodies. They are a hardy pet and can live up to 15-20 years, as long as they are well cared for.

These frogs are a good choice for beginners because they are more hardy than most amphibians and require fewer feedings than many other species. They also fair better with handling than many other amphibians, although you should not pick them up more than a few times a week.


They eat a wide variety of foods, but crickets should be the primary source of their diet. They should be gut-loaded at least 24 hours before being fed to your frog. You can supplement their diet with a calcium and vitamin powder once every other feeding.


The diet of a dumpy tree frog should be high in protein with plenty of choline, calcium, and vitamin C. They will also eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.

You should also provide lots of hiding spaces for your frog to hide in. These can be made with pieces of cork bark, wood chips or fake logs with heavy foliage.

Tank Temperature/Lighting Requirements:

These frogs do not need much heat and can be comfortably housed in a tank sized to accommodate one frog. However, if you have multiple frogs, you will need to be careful that they are all in the same temperature zone.

Tank Substrate:

These frogs like moist, organic soil that holds humidity. Using Eco Earth or organic topsoil in your tank should provide sufficient moisture for them to be happy and healthy.

Tank Decoration:

These amphibians prefer heavily decorated tanks that contain reptile-safe items, such as cork bark or live plants. A variety of trees, shrubs, and vines will also be appreciated, but they should not be too tall or too thick because they can easily become tangled.

Water/Humidity Requirements:

These frogs love to bathe in water, so a large bowl that they can bathe in should be kept filled and cleaned often. The water should be sprayed with chlorine-free water on a regular basis to keep it fresh.

Level of Care:

These frogs can be handled more than most other amphibians, but it is still important to wear nitrile gloves before and after handling them. This is to prevent a disease that can be carried from frog to frog and spread rapidly to the other species in the cage.