How High Should My Hi Hat Be?

Hi hats can add a lot of energy and texture to your music. They are typically placed slightly to the left of the center of the mix, but this isn’t the only way to make them sound good. Here are some tips to get the most out of your hi hats:

First, you should use a hi-hat with a high-pass filter. This will help you shape your hi-hats’ sound individually. A high-pass filter will let you cut low-frequency sounds that may not be needed in your recording. By doing this, you can remove the low-frequency sounds that might make your hi-hats sound lifeless.

When you have your hi-hats ready to go, you should adjust your cymbals so that they’re positioned above your snare drum. This is a general rule, but it’s important to note that you shouldn’t be too tight on the cymbals. You can move them up or down, but they should be able to be struck without hitting your snare drum.

You should also raise your Hi-Hat foot only an inch when you’re going to strike the cymbal. It should raise slowly, but quickly. Ideally, your Hi-Hat foot will open when the bass drum strikes. In order to do this, you should roll back on your pedal to make sure the cymbals are raised enough. Then, when you’re ready to hit the cymbal, you’ll just have to raise it quickly.

Next, you should use the foot to close the Hi-Hat. Once your foot has closed, you should be able to slap the bottom of the cymbal. Make sure you’re not opening it before the cymbal hits, however.

You should also keep in mind that your hi-hats’ levels will vary depending on the genre you play. For example, rock drummers should invest in heavy hi-hats, while jazz and blues players should choose thinner models. Also, you should think about how you want to pan your hats in the mix. Many producers will pan them 30-50 percent away from the center. Using a panning technique can add rhythm and depth to your sound.

If you’re not sure whether your hi-hats are loud enough, you can try listening to some reference tracks. This can be a great way to figure out if your sound is balanced. As you continue playing, you’ll develop better habits that will help you keep your levels consistent.

If you’re using sampled hi-hats, they might already have a high-pass filter. Sometimes you can use this to boost the highest frequencies. But you might need to use a dynamic EQ or reverb to create a fuller, richer sound.

Depending on the mix, you might need to pan your hi-hats to the right or left. This can make them sound less bright, but it can also help them blend in with other instruments. Especially in hip-hop and electronic songs, you’ll want to pan your hats about 30 percent away from the center.

If you’re a beginner drummer, you’ll want to place your hi-hats 6-12 inches above your snare drum. Having them set too low will make them harder to hit.