How Fast Can a Sportster 1200 Go?

If you’ve been wondering how fast a Sportster 1200 can go, you’re not alone. The new bike has a brand-new engine that delivers more power than any other bike in the Sportster range. This engine retains the same layout and bore and stroke as the old model, but it’s been strengthened and massaged to handle higher revs.


When it comes to speed, the Sportster 1200 isn’t the fastest motorcycle. It has a more modest 79 horsepower and 79 ft-lbs of torque, compared to the 84-86 of the big twin. Besides, the Sportster weighs around 15% more. Still, it’s faster than the big twin. If you’re in the market for a Sportster, here are some options:

The Sportster 1200’s engine isn’t a superbike, but its power range is wide enough to give the operator a lot of freedom to experiment with gear shifts and throttle inputs. Starting from 2000 rpm, it reaches a redline of 6000 rpm. Its top gear is powerful enough to pass most vehicles, and downshifting no longer results in a huge vibration penalty.

The Sportster 1200 has an engine displacement of 1199 cubic centimeters. The compression ratio is 9:1, making it a relatively powerful motorcycle. Its horsepower is good enough for city cruising through the local twisties, but you won’t find it overly exciting. The Sportster is also a great touring machine.

The Sportster has improved styling, and the details are more refined. Its graphics are reminiscent of racing logos. The seat is also more comfortable, and the seat is almost straight-legged. And it has low-rise handlebars and dual front disc brakes.

The Sportster also has more horsepower and torque. Its engine makes 60 hp and 73 lb-ft of torque. It is also 28 kg/62 lbs lighter than the outgoing Sportster 1200. As a result, it feels a lot lighter when parking, cornering aggressively, and accelerating.

XL1200R Custom

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself when buying a Sportster 1200 is, “How fast can it go?” The answer will depend on your budget and the model that you choose. Depending on how you use the bike, you can expect the bike to go anywhere from 70 to 100 miles per hour. The fuel tank holds a generous amount of fuel. In addition, you may want to buy a removable windshield to protect yourself from the wind.

If you’re wondering how fast a Sportster can go custom, you can find the answer in its specs. Its 1200cc Evolution engine will pound out low-end torque. The bike also features pull-back buckhorn bars, steel-laced wheels, a fat front tire, adjustable rear suspension, powerful brakes, and a comfortable seat.

The new Sportster 1200 engine has the same basic layout as the 883 but has some additional tweaks. The newer models feature larger fins, oil sprays under the pistons to improve cooling, new rings to extend cylinder life, and improved ignition timing. The entire gasket system has also been improved to help prevent leaks. This new engine can make 15 percent more horsepower than the standard 1200 mill.

One key difference between the two models is the frame. While the XL883 has a traditional fuel tank, the Custom has a slimmer frame and higher ground clearance. The suspension is also lowered, resulting in a much more upright position. The custom also features a pullback handlebar and a two-up leather seat.

The Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 has a top speed of 1200 mph. It can be used on the highway, but its main purpose is for zipping around city streets and cruising through the local twisties. With a bit of customization, the bike can even be used as a touring bike.

The engine on the Sportster 1200 is an air-cooled, aluminum engine. The aluminum cylinders and heads improve air-cooling efficiency and make the bike lighter. Electronic fuel injection replaces the carburetors and promises greater reliability. The motorcycle’s rubber mount keeps the engine running smoothly for thousands of miles.


The Sportster 1200 is an old bike, but it has stood the test of time. Its torque is impressive and it has a smooth and fluid gearbox. The Sportster is a solid choice for anyone who wants to ride fast. The motorcycle can achieve a top speed of over one hundred and twenty miles per hour.

The Sportster 1200 is one of the most popular motorcycles in Harley’s lineup. Its top speed is 1200 mph, which is plenty fast for highway driving. The motorcycle is also great for cruising city streets and local twisties. It can be converted into a touring bike if you need more power.

The 1200 Custom is a little different from the Sportster 1200 in terms of ergonomics. Its seat is positioned almost straight, with the feet forward, and that helps it maintain its position under powerful braking forces. Many riders find this seating position to be more comfortable.

The Sportster has improved styling and finishes. It now looks more streamlined and refined. It has fewer clunky parts. The graphics are reminiscent of racing logos. It also has a new exhaust system. It can reach a top speed of 121 mph.

The Sportster S also has a more powerful engine than the outgoing Sportster 1200. Its 1202 cc Evolution V-twin motor produces 60 hp and 73 lb-ft of torque. Its gearing is short, which means that it shifts quicker.

Yamaha’s XL1200 Custom offers a lower-riding saddle. Its seat is about an inch lower than the 883 Hugger. The Custom also features a mid-mount controls and a two-up seat. It also has a longer-range than the other XLs.

Its engine is made from aluminium, with the same bore and stroke. The new version also has a new front brake caliper and larger disc. It also has ABS as standard. The Sportster’s suspension is also more geared and has a bigger rear spoiler.

XL1200T Twin Cam

It is not possible to say how fast a XL1200T Twin cam Sportster can go, as they are not all equipped with the same horsepower output. Generally speaking, you should be able to get between sixty and seventy horsepower with the proper tuning. A good place to start is by installing a decent air cleaner and knocking the plugs out of the stock pipes.