How Fast Can a Scooter Go?

Whether you’re looking to buy a scooter for kids or are a seasoned rider looking for the next level, it’s good to know how fast a scooter can go. These scooters come in various sizes and capacities. From 50cc to 150cc and even up to the Vespa GTS 300, these scooters have varying speeds.


Most 50cc scooters have a maximum speed of 35 to 40 mph. However, some manufacturers have developed models with a higher top speed. Fortunately, this speed is still low enough for most people to ride safely. This type of scooter is ideal for beginners as it reduces the risk of serious injury or death.

You can increase the speed of your 50cc scooter by replacing the airbox with a larger one. You can also install pod filters to increase airflow. You can also use larger carburetors. Typically, an 18mm carburetor will work with a 50cc scooter. If you want to make the most of your scooter’s performance, you can also consider installing a 20mm carburetor.

Because 50cc scooters are speed-limited by law, they’re best used in urban areas and suburbs at low speeds. While this speed is adequate for most riders, it’s also a good idea to purchase a scooter that has sufficient power and space for navigating city streets. In urban environments, it’s important to steer and brake quickly to avoid obstacles. It’s also important to choose a scooter that is lightweight so that it’s easy to maneuver in slick streets.


125cc scooters can reach speeds of up to 60mph, which is enough for most commutes up to 15 miles. However, if you plan to ride your scooter on a motorway, you’ll need to be aware that it will have to compete with trucks for space. If you’re not planning to carry heavy loads, you should consider getting a larger scooter.

The size of your scooter will also affect the price. A 50cc scooter will save you money on fuel and insurance, while a 125cc scooter will deliver more power and speed.


The speed of a 150cc scooter varies based on its size and weight. In open-throttle mode, it can reach 60 to 70 mph. However, this speed is not enough to keep up with traffic. The motor of this scooter is not strong enough to provide enough power for a rider of heavier weight.

Another factor that affects scooter speed is its height. Places close to sea level have more oxygen in the air, which improves combustion. At higher elevations, less oxygen is present, resulting in lower performance. In addition, road conditions also affect the speed of the scooter. When riding on a smooth surface, the scooter can reach higher speeds.

If you are looking for a scooter with higher speed, consider a scooter with a 4-stroke engine. These scooters have better mileage than 2-stroke scooters and are also less polluting. Despite the high price, these scooters are a worthy investment, and can provide many benefits.

Vespa GTS 300

The Vespa is a very popular scooter. It is small, nimble, and can maneuver through tight spaces with ease. The Italian company has been making scooters for 75 years and their current model has sold more than 20 million units. The design of the Vespa is timeless and is popular in many countries around the world.

The Vespa GTS 300 is a very smooth and efficient city scooter. Its top speed is between 70 and 76 mph. Those who prefer higher speeds might want to consider getting a different scooter.

Primavera 150

The Primavera 150 scooter is a great option for people who like the feeling of speed. The scooter’s 150cc engine provides enough power to get up to sixty or seventy miles per hour when riding on the open road. However, if you’re carrying a heavy rider, the speed will be slower than you’d like.

One simple modification that you can make to improve your Primavera 150 scooter’s performance is to change its air filter. It’s fairly simple to do, all you need is a screwdriver and an air filter. Another easy modification that will increase the scooter’s performance is to replace the muffler.

Unlike most scooters, the Primavera 150 can go fast. While it’s not freeway legal, it can reach speeds of around 70mph. This makes it the perfect scooter for cities, short stretches of road and back roads.

Vespa GTS 300 with 90-pound rider

The Vespa GTS 300 is the top of the line model of this scooter. The 75th anniversary model was produced until 2021. It is a very comfortable ride on surface streets. Its large motor has excellent acceleration even when cold. The suspension is also adequate. A Vespa GTS is a fast and fun scoot that can carry a passenger.

The Vespa GTS 300 has many of the features of a larger scooter, including a seat for two, a USB port, and a bike locator. It is also stylish and safe. It is currently the fastest Vespa scooter available.

Vespa GTS 300 with 73 mph

The Vespa GTS 300 with 73 mpg is a stylish scooter with a comfortable ride. It has 12-inch wheels on a 54-inch wheelbase, making it lightweight but stable on the road. Its seat is comfortable and has fold-out foot pegs for the rider. It also has a top box that can hold a helmet.

A base model Vespa GTS 300 costs $6,949. The GTS 300 Touring is even more expensive, costing $7,149. The Vespa GTS comes with a 24-month warranty. Its performance rivals Yamaha, but it also offers a better warranty.

When it comes to safety, the Vespa GTS 300 offers many advanced features, such as ABS braking and ASR. These features help make sure that you do not crash on a slippery road. Also, the Vespa GTS 300 has three different color models. These colors include Dolomite Grey, Relax Green, and Energy Blue. The Vespa GTS model is eligible for Vespa Extended Warranty. With a 300cc engine, the Vespa GTS 300 can reach up to 85 miles per hour. It can also fuel up to 74% less than a typical car.

Ninebot Max

The Segway Ninebot scooter is activated with a smartphone app that connects to the Ninebot via Bluetooth. It provides basic information, such as battery percentage, mileage, and cruise control, as well as safety pointers. You can also lock the scooter, which is equipped with lights. If someone tries to move it, the app will alert you.

The handlebars of the Ninebot Max scooter are thick and textured, and the thumb throttle is smooth and easy to use. The display is placed centrally on the handlebars. The screen also displays ride stats. It also dims when the front lights are turned on, which is an excellent feature to combat screen glare. There is also a single button that controls the lights and speed modes. This button also powers the scooter on and off.

Ninebot ES2

The Ninebot ES2 is a very sturdy scooter that weighs 12.7 kg. It has solid rubber tires and comes with a foot step that is 15cm wide and 55cm long. The scooter also folds up very easily and has splash-proof rubber tires. It also features an onboard charger and a cable to charge the battery.

The ES2 scooter has a regenerative braking system that recycles power used to slow down and increases battery life. It can charge to full capacity in just 3.5 hours, whereas some other electric scooters require up to 20 hours. The LED display on the scooter tells you how much juice is left in the battery and the speed of charging.

Vespa GTS 300 with 48 km/h

The Vespa GTS 300 with 48 km/H tops out at 77 mph. Its 12-inch wheels on a 54-inch wheelbase provide a stable ride on the highway. It also has an automatic CVT transmission, so you’ll never have to worry about shifting gears. The Vespa GTS 300 has a capped top speed, but the speedometer is more accurate than its predecessors.

The Vespa GTS 300 is a great scooter, but it’s not for everyone. While Piaggio and Vespa are iconic brands worldwide, not everyone is cut out for the Vespa experience. Despite its unorthodox style and low-performance specs, this scooter is a simple and reliable ride that doesn’t require shifting gears to reach the maximum speed. Moreover, its high-tech safety features make it more secure than any other motorcycle on the market.