How Far Can an Owlet Be From Base Station?

Using pulse oximetry technology, the Owlet sock monitors your baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate. It communicates this data via Bluetooth to a base station. The base station displays the data and sends alerts if the levels go out of a pre-set range. The sock’s range is approximately ten to twenty meters (32 to 65 feet), which should be sufficient for most homes.

If your Owlet sock is too far away from the Base Station, it won’t read the signals from your baby’s sleep monitors. This is because something is blocking the signal. For example, someone holding your baby could block the Owlet sock’s Bluetooth signal. The Owlet is best placed near your baby’s crib so that it’s easy to see if he or she needs help.

The Owlet sock connects to a base station that sends the data back to your smartphone. Its battery lasts up to 18 hours, but it’s best to keep it plugged in at all times. If you unplug your sock from the base station, you’ll have to connect to the base station again to view your baby’s data.

If your Owlet sock can’t stay connected to the Base Station, there are a few things you can do to solve the problem. First, you can make sure that your Owlet sock is registered to your wireless network. It should also be within a few inches of the base station. Another common problem is that your Owlet sock’s battery has run low. Recharging it will solve the problem and help your Owlet reconnect.

The Owlet sock is a specialized sock that helps keep your baby’s foot warm and dry. It contains a special sensor that detects heart rate and oxygen levels. It is also designed to fit snugly around the foot and keep it warm throughout the cold winter months.

As a parent, the Owlet sock is a convenient tool to monitor your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. If your baby’s heart rate or oxygen level drops below a certain level, the smart sock will send you an alert.

Once the Owlet sock is on your baby, it will take measurements and send them wirelessly to the base unit. The base unit is small and unobtrusive, and won’t disturb your baby when sleeping. The Owlet base station is also accessible by your smartphone or tablet.