How Does the Swarm App Work?

Swarm, an offshoot of Foursquare City Guide, allows users to log their locations and share it with others while also offering gaming elements such as collecting stickers and climbing leaderboards.

Swarm stands out from Foursquare by emphasizing sharing and offering plans. By broadcasting plans to nearby friends, users can determine who’s interested in joining.

Location Sharing

Foursquare’s Swarm location-sharing app enables users to record their location and see who else is nearby. The app features useful functions, including being able to view past check-ins or set a filter only showing recent ones, as well as turning on Neighborhood Sharing which informs other Swarm users when someone enters their vicinity – this can encourage spontaneous plans with friends or help businesses locate potential customers; Neighborhood Sharing can be activated or disabled simply by sliding a tab at the top of your home screen back and forth.

Swarm recently evolved from being simply a location-sharing app into a more gamified social platform, complete with Mayorships and leaderboards. Foursquare also introduced a profile page displaying visual records of user’s checking-in history; in future updates Foursquare may add further information here such as streaks or achievements achieved.

Swarm’s update also introduces a simpler way for users to record their location without broadcasting it widely. When users want to mark a spot, they can now tap the Swarm icon in the upper-left corner of any tab to launch a “quick” check-in – this doesn’t count towards mayorship or achievement tracking, but allows people to log their location quickly and efficiently. In addition, Swarm now supports 3D Touch on iOS devices so users can start recording locations with just one press of home button!

As part of its new Swarm update, plans tab now allows users to send out invitations for meet-ups at nearby restaurants and bars via Bat-Signals – making for faster plan coordination than sending text messages to find out who’s free after work!

Swarm has also begun providing discounts at local restaurants and businesses through Swarm Perks deals, making for an effective strategy to drive foot traffic and foster customer loyalty.


Swarm is a mobile app designed to share your location with friends, as well as maintain a record of all the places you have been to in a personal lifelog. It makes it easy to locate favorite restaurants or remember where you met a friend for coffee, making Swarm free download on iOS and Android devices alike. Furthermore, with its new Plans feature integrated into Swarm you can quickly announce any plans to nearby friends making getting together even simpler than before!

Foursquare Swarm was released as a spin-off from Foursquare City Guide in 2014. With its user-friendly mobile UI and available apps on both iOS and Android devices, as well as its dedicated website to access your account from any computer or device – Foursquare Swarm makes checking in easy!

Swarm, unlike its popular predecessor Foursquare, which offered comprehensive city guides with game elements such as badges, mayorships and virtual coin upgrades; now focuses on tracking your movements around the globe and recording each location logged as you travel around. Swarm’s new update, now rolling out to iPhone users worldwide, strives to make checking-in as effortless and hassle-free as possible while still offering many of the same fun game mechanics seen in Foursquare.

Swarm 4.0 features a revamped profile tab to easily keep track of all your check-ins in one convenient place and categorizes restaurants and stores you visit into visual categories for easier navigation. This welcome addition to the app should help users discover new things to do in their neighborhood.

Swarm now offers the ability to track all of your friends’ check-ins in one convenient place – an especially handy feature for travelers and people wanting to discover where their friends have been while away from them. In addition, Swarm provides weekly recaps that show all the places where your friends have checked-in as well as any upcoming events they plan on attending.

Swarm’s new Perks feature brings back deals found on Foursquare before its split into two apps, enabling you to save money when visiting restaurants and stores by checking in – saving both money and time with every visit. Checking-in at these places helps save money too!


Swarm 5.0 features not only an updated design, but also new features to help people find places to go, discover friends nearby and plan events. While Foursquare focused on social networking features, Swarm’s focus is finding new things to do while meeting up with old ones in real life.

Swarm uses location data to recommend things for its users to do and also documents past experiences through check-ins. Users have the ability to share their current location with anyone or only certain contacts within their list, while they can opt out at any time by swiping their top bar of the app.

Foursquare introduced Swarm two years ago as an independent app for discovering places to go and connecting with friends at those locations. While Foursquare’s head of product, J Crowley, has claimed it has been successful, many loyal Foursquare users remain disgruntled over having to use two applications; many feel confused by these changes as well as frustrated that having two applications drain their mobile battery power more rapidly than before.

Foursquare has removed their points system in favor of “stickers to quickly express how you’re feeling or what you’re up to”. You can add these stickers as part of a check-in to remember specific experiences or tell stories; Foursquare hopes this new way of connecting will make connecting with friends in person fun and easy!

Neighborhood Sharing allows a user to see which of their friends live nearby, in hopes that it may spur spontaneous gatherings between those they wouldn’t usually make plans with otherwise. It provides an attractive alternative to Facebook which tends to focus more on planned events rather than inspiring spontaneous ones.

Swarm has recently introduced an exciting feature called Plan, allowing a user to broadcast a message directly to nearby friends such as, for instance, “Want to grab a beer tonight?,” then click on their plans if interested or comment with ideas and reply directly back.

Neighborhood Sharing

Since Foursquare Swarm separated from City Guide, many users have expressed discontent with its features and functionality. Many claim it wastes their time and drains battery power on mobile devices while others find the two apps cumbersome to use – with some opting out altogether.

And with Swarm 2.0’s introduction of Neighborhood Sharing, many loyal Foursquare users are quickly warming to it again. While it might feel intrusive to constantly share your location with friends, this feature can be enabled or disabled as desired and Swarm will only display it to those who accept your location request.

Once a user activates Neighborhood Sharing on Swarm’s home screen, their social heat map will display their proximity to other users, including those they’re close to (500 feet or closer), nearer, in the area or further afield. They’re divided into categories like Right here (500 feet), A short walk away, Nearby, In the area and Far away. Once clicked on, Swarm displays an interactive notebook icon at the bottom of their display which lets them send out what Foursquare refers to as a Bat-Signal” that lets others know they’re nearby – plus calls, texts and emails can all be done through Swarm!

Swarm has introduced another exciting feature, where saved places from Foursquare City Guide can now be synced directly into Swarm for easier visibility of all their previous visits in one convenient place – which can especially assist businesses that wish to track visitor statistics.

Business owners will also find Swarm useful from a networking perspective. For example, food trucks that are located nearby could notify their followers on Swarm of their presence, and arrange an impromptu meeting – helping drive business and ultimately increase revenue.

Swarm is still in development and may yet feature all its desired capabilities; however, the app has gained momentum among young adults in its target demographic. Although Swarm might take some time before becoming the go-to social networking app of choice for millennials, it’s certainly worth keeping tabs on.