How Does Chewing Tobacco Affect Sperm?

While smoking tobacco is well known to cause a wide range of health risks, many people are unaware that chewing tobacco can also pose some serious problems. Unlike cigarettes, chew is not inhaled but instead swallowed, which means that the chemicals in the tobacco can be directly ingested into the body. These chemicals can lead to several oral diseases, mouth cancers and other health issues. Despite these concerns, some people continue to use chewing tobacco in the hope that it will be safer than cigarettes. This is a big mistake. Chewing tobacco has been shown to have the same negative effects on overall health as cigarette smoking and can also cause infertility.

Smoking cigarettes can lower sperm concentration and semen volume significantly, leading to a reduction in fertility. This is because cigarette smoke contains a number of harmful chemicals, including carcinogens and heavy metals like zinc and lead. These can damage sperm DNA and alter the way that they function, causing them to be less effective at fertilizing eggs. Moreover, smoking can increase the risk of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies. These risks are increased for every additional cigarette that is smoked each day.

One study found that men who smoked six or more cigarettes per day had low sperm concentrations and lower semen volumes. This was because the chemicals in cigarette smoke can bind to sperm, which causes them to become damaged and slow down their swimming.

In addition, studies have found that tobacco smoke can also affect a man’s testosterone levels, which can also reduce fertility. This is because lowered testosterone levels can make it harder for a man to get sexually aroused.

Another study found that long term tobacco chewing is associated with a decrease in sperm count, motility and morphology. This is because the chemicals in the tobacco can damage sperm DNA and cause changes in their shape. This can cause a man to have difficulty fertilizing an egg and can also result in birth defects in children born to smoker fathers.

If you are a long-term tobacco chewer and want to try to conceive, it is important to quit using this product immediately. If you are unable to quit, then there are several ways that you can help yourself reduce the amount of chew you consume. Some of these include taking up hobbies that can help you feel more relaxed, eating a healthy diet and trying to cope with stress in healthier ways. It is also a good idea to seek professional medical advice. Your doctor can offer you a variety of methods that can help you to stop using tobacco, such as nicotine patches and gums. In addition to these products, your doctor can recommend various natural remedies that can help you to overcome your addiction. They can also give you advice about quitting tobacco and suggest some other safe methods of dealing with stress. These techniques can include meditation, exercise and deep breathing exercises.