How Do You Use HTML?

What is HTML?

HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, is the most commonly used web development language. It’s designed to create web pages that can be viewed by anyone with a web browser. You can use html to create a website, blog, or other web page.

How do you use html?

HTML consists of a series of elements and tags, which are used to define the structure of web content. Tags tell a browser where an element begins and ends, while attributes describe the characteristics of an element.

Examples of HTML elements include headings, paragraphs, lists and links. These elements can also contain images and other objects like interactive forms.

Using HTML

In order to render web content, you need to use the right set of HTML tags and attributes. These are the foundation of any web page and can be used for anything from creating simple forms to building complex websites.

These tags and attributes define the structure of a web page, so that browsers know how to interpret and display the content. Unlike other programming languages, HTML is a structured and consistent way of writing code.

The most basic HTML elements are html> and body>, which can be found at the top of an HTML document and in between the opening and closing tag. The body> element is the primary body of your HTML document, where you place content that other users see.

Using a DIV tag

You can apply formatting and scripting to an HTML document using the DIV tag. This is a block-level element, and it lets you group together other document elements so that they can be styled or resized to fit in with the rest of your page.

Using a link in HTML

Links are far more powerful than you might think, and are especially useful for linking between different sections of your webpage. To create a link in HTML, you simply use the a> tag to define the link and the href attribute to hold the URL address of the link.

Using an image in HTML

The img element is a useful tool for displaying images on your webpages. You can use the srcset attribute to control how your image is displayed. This allows you to change the size of the image based on your website’s visitor’s device, making your website responsive.

Using an inline element

Inline elements are another important part of the structure of a web page. They can be used to add formatting and other styles to a piece of content without affecting its flow.

Using a paragraph in HTML

Paragraphs are one of the most common elements in HTML, and they are often used to introduce and outline text on a webpage. They are similar to the ones used in print media, as they create a line break at the bottom of their content.

Using an inline image in HTML

An inline image can be very useful when you need to format a piece of text without disrupting its flow. You can use the img> tag to display an image or use a JavaScript script to change an image on the fly.