How Do You Remove Smudges From Glass?

You can wipe away smudges from glass and mirrors with regular cleaning products that are safe to use on windows or you can try homemade solutions like vinegar, lemon juice or essential oils. You can also use a squeegee to get streak free results. The key to getting clean glass is to be patient and work methodically. If you are not happy with the results, it is often because you are using too much cleaning product or a different cleaner that is not designed for glass surfaces. You should also be sure to follow all of the directions and warnings on the label of any commercial cleaning product.

The first step in removing smudges from glass is to clean the surface with a microfiber cloth or cotton cloth. This removes dust, dirt and other debris that can create streaks. It’s best to keep a couple of these cloths handy with your cleaning supplies so that you can switch out the dirty one for a clean one as needed.

Avoid paper towels, bath towels and clothing that have rough fibers. These can scratch the glasses and cause streaks. You should also be careful about drying your glasses with a tissue or other cloth that may contain lotion or chemicals. The soaps and other ingredients in these materials can re-introduce streaks or smudges to the glass.

Fingerprints appear on a window because the oils in your fingers transfer to the glass in the shape of the fingers. Plain water won’t remove these smudges. You can purchase a special cleaning solution that is specifically designed to dissolve grease and oil. You can also make your own non-toxic cleaner by mixing a little bit of degreasing liquid or dish soap with water.

Once you have removed the smudges with your cleaning solution, you can wipe the glass dry with a clean lint free cloth. A squeegee is ideal for this, but you can also use a towel or chamois. Make sure that you wipe the edges of the glass as well as the center.

One common mistake people make is to re-introduce the streaks, smudges or film that they have just removed when they clean the next section of glass. This is called cross-contamination and can lead to disappointing results. You should also avoid rubbing the same spot over and over again as this can also leave streaks.

Another tip is to avoid scrubbing the glass with your cleaning product, as this can leave a dull finish. This is particularly true with household window glass. If you want to give your glass a brilliant shine, you can try a special cloth that has a honeycomb texture that works like magic on glass, mirrors and windshields. This type of cloth can be found online or in some auto stores. You can even make your own by cutting a t-shirt or a sheet of newspaper into strips and wrapping it around a rag.