How Do You Play Minesweeper

How Do You Play Minesweeper:

If you’re wondering, “How do you play Minesweeper?”, you’re not alone. The game is found on countless PCs and can be found in thousands of homes and offices worldwide. This simple game is surprisingly addictive and features a grid that represents a minefield. To play, you click on the spaces on the grid to reveal either mine or empty spaces.

Game rules

To play Minesweeper, you first need to click on “Play” and then click on any empty space on the grid. Bombs are usually placed above, below, right-left, diagonal to a square, and your goal is to expose all empty spaces. You must be careful not to let the mines fall into the spaces around you. You may want to play the game in two or more players if you’re playing with friends, as the game can get quite competitive.

Microsoft Minesweeper includes keyboard and mouse control options. Clicking a key or button will move the cursor in the correct direction. To switch between mouse and keyboard, you must press the appropriate key. For more details, see the game’s Help menu. You can also change the controls of Minesweeper by choosing a keyboard shortcut. This article is based on an old version of the game.



There are a number of patterns that players can use to their advantage in Minesweeper. These patterns are often recognizable and easy to spot when playing the game. By using these strategies, you can improve your overall score by identifying and solving recurring patterns. You will soon find that you can complete puzzles much quicker than you would without a strategy. Read on to discover some of these tricks. Let’s begin!

Getting a high score

There are several ways to get a high score in Minesweeper. The first is to master the game’s basic principles. The most common mistake players make is to focus too much on the game’s mechanics. Instead, focus on improving your skills in other areas of the game. A high score in this game is very difficult to achieve, but it isn’t impossible. Listed below are some strategies that can help you improve your score.


If you want to compete with other players, there is a website where you can find Leaderboards when playing Minesweeper. Leaderboards are a great way to find out how to improve your game, as well as see how your performance compares to the rest of the world. You can check the leaderboards for different skill levels, as well as view videos of other players’ records.

If you click on a mine, you die

A land mine is a bomb set off by a tripwire or a wired remote trigger. The explosion usually kills the person in front of it, but if the mine is set off by a single human, the person can still be trapped in a gunfight with their attacker. You must make sure that you avoid these mines by using tools to probe the ground with sticks or knives.

Avoiding walls while playing

In the game of minesweeper, there are several ways to avoid walls. While most players simply avoid walls, you may find yourself having to flag areas that are too dense for your mines. Other players have discovered that the strategy of flagging only when necessary can lead to a higher score. Regardless of your strategy, however, avoiding walls is important. The following tips can help you avoid walls.

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