How Do You Name a Campaign?

When it comes to marketing campaigns, the name is one of the most important pieces. It will determine how the campaign is interpreted and whether or not it is successful. It is also a key part of your organization’s identity and will be used in media as well as other communication materials.

Naming your campaigns effectively is essential for ensuring that your data is clean and accurate, as well as for avoiding common mistakes and saving you time in the long run. Here are a few tips for naming your digital advertising campaigns:

Create a clear naming convention

When your advertising team is working on a new campaign, it’s easy to get confused and lose track of what is being done. Using a clear naming convention makes it easier for everyone to understand the purpose of a particular campaign, as well as making it easier for them to share their work with others.

Include all the relevant information about your campaign in the name itself, as well as its ordering and text case type (capitalization and spacing). If you have multiple people working on different aspects of the campaign, having this information in a single document that they can reference is helpful.

Then, it is important to ensure that everyone in your organization follows this naming convention consistently. This includes people who are responsible for creating the ad copy, as well as those who manage the creatives.

Use a naming convention to help future-proof your campaigns

If you have a large number of ad accounts, a naming convention will make it easier for you to maintain consistency across them. This also makes it easier for others to collaborate on your campaigns, as they will be able to understand what is being done with each account.

Consider the target audience when choosing a name for your campaign. Marketers should take into consideration words that appeal to their specific audience and avoid using terms that have negative or cultural connotations.

A word cloud, word association tools, thesauri and other online tools like Shopify’s slogan generator can be useful in this process. They can also help you identify words that are not appropriate for your campaign, such as a word that may have historical associations.

Come up with a pithy, memorable, all-encapsulating yet concise name for your campaign that is both authentic and branded to reflect your purpose. It is crucial to avoid naming your campaign with an overly generic name, as it will hinder your trademark protection and search engine capacity.

Focus on a specific location when choosing your campaign name:

If you’re planning to promote a certain geographic area or product, it’s important that the campaign name clearly states this. This is especially true for local-based campaigns, as it will allow you to quickly and easily differentiate between the campaigns that are based in the same region or country.

It is also a good idea to avoid names that are too narrow and restrictive, as this can limit the expansion of your campaign.