How Do You Move the Clasp on a Watch?

If you have a watch with a clasp, you will want to learn how to move the clasp on a watch. A good clasp can make the difference between a nice looking watch and one that is painful to wear. It also helps prevent the watch from falling off your wrist if it gets loose. There are a number of tools and techniques you can use to fix a worn clasp.

Using a small hammer is an easy way to remove the pins on your watch band. You may also be able to pull the links off your strap using needle nose pliers. The pin may be a little tricky to remove, though.

The best and easiest way to adjust the clasp on a watch is to use the appropriate tool. For example, you can use a screw driver to open the buckle on a Nominal watch. An alternative is to use a small flathead screwdriver.

You can also remove the pins on your watch by using a jeweler’s hammer. These are available on sites like Amazon. They can be very helpful when removing the pins from your watch band.

In general, a good clasp will have two parts: the main part, and the pin. The main part holds the watch on your wrist, while the pin is the functional if not aesthetically pleasing piece. To open the main part, you will need to push the right buttons. Most watches will have a template to aid you in this process.

A well made watch will have a clasp that is fairly easy to adjust. Some models will have an arrow shaped opening in the middle, which you can manipulate. Others will have a smaller hole for the same purpose.

Other methods include pulling the pins out with your fingers and using pliers. When attempting to remove the pins, make sure you are not putting too much pressure on them, otherwise you may snap them. Also, if you are trying to detach the link from a pin, a paper clip will do the trick.

Another method is to lift the plate of the clasp with your fingers. This is especially difficult if you are using a seatbelt style clasp. Make sure to take note of the little indentations in the back of the strap.

Another way to make the clasp on a watch work better is to buy more links. Many watch manufacturers will add more links to the band. However, this may cost you more money.

Before starting any repair, be sure to measure your wrist. This will help you determine how many pins you need to remove from your watch band. Once you have purchased enough links, you can adjust the clasp on your watch. As long as you use the proper methods, you should be able to get it to fit your wrist.

Be sure to have some light to see what you are doing. Having great lighting will be a major factor in getting the right pins out of your strap.