How Do You Make Your Sim a Witch in The Sims 4?

Having a Sim that is able to perform magic spells can add a whole new level of interaction and fun to your game. There are many ways to make your sim a witch in The Sims 4, from CAS, inheritance and using the Rite of Ascension. However, some of these methods may require a lot of time and patience to complete.

Create a Spellcaster

The easiest way to turn your Sim into a spellcaster is by selecting them as a supernatural type in the create a Sim (CAS) menu. You can also do this by importing an existing Sim from the Gallery and choosing the option to make them a witch.

You can also use the bloodline trait from your Sim’s parents to make them a witch. This is particularly helpful if your Sim’s parents are both witches.

There are three Sages in the Realm of Magic who can help you become a witch.

These Sages can be found in the Magic HQ in Glimmerbook, as well as at the Magic Town lots. You’ll need to choose one of them and introduce yourself to them by spamming friendly interactions. Once you’ve done this, you can ask them to help you cast your first spell.

Find Seven Purple Orbs

You need to find 7 purple orbs in the Magic Realms to be able to learn a spell from one of the Sages. You can also ask them to teach you some basic magic tricks if you’re a beginner.

Becoming a witch is an extremely complex life state that features a categorized alignment system and item check-based spellcasting mechanic. They can also teleport, craft potions and objects, and travel to other lots via broomstick.

The Sims 4 Realm of Magic has introduced the ability to turn your Sim into a witch or warlock! This is the most complicated life state available and consists of a categorized alignment system and item check-based Spellcasting mechanic.

Aside from casting spells, witches can also perform other occult tasks such as crafting potions and objects, resurrecting dead Sims, and stealing items. This explains why it is so important to keep your Sim’s magical powers and skills up to date in The Sims 4.

Getting Started With Magic

Once you have created a witch, they’ll need to go on a quest at the Alchemy store in town until they can drink a Bottled Witches’ Brew. This elixer can only be obtained for around $2,000 Simoleons, and once your Sim has drank it, they’ll be given a magic power meter and classic wand to begin their quest in magic!

Your Sim can then use this wand to learn a few basic spells. Once your Sim has mastered these, they’ll be able to use their wand to resurrect other Sims, heal others with healing spells, and even teleport!

There are also a few other occult abilities that your witch or fairy can unlock as they rise through their ranks. The most common are rescinding their own power source, gaining new Magical Abilities/Powers, and Fairy Dust (Witches only).

In order to get the best experience out of becoming a witch, you should try to raise your Sim’s Magical Skill as high as possible. This will give them access to the most powerful spells and reagents, while also increasing their success rate when casting these spells!