How Do You Know If Someone Hides Their Story From You on Whatsapp?

Protecting Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat stories in private allows you to restrict who can view and save them – although people may not always know who’s screening their stories.

Reaching out directly is the surest way of knowing if someone has blocked your story.

1. They stop updating their status

WhatsApp is an immensely popular messaging app used to exchange photos, videos, and other forms of data with contacts. It provides an ideal way of staying in touch with family and friends and updating them on day-to-day activities – but sometimes people hide their status from certain contacts – this can be confusing; thankfully there are ways you can see if someone has hidden their status from you on WhatsApp.

One way of doing this is with the aid of a third-party app; however, this method may still fail as the individual could still have their profile set to private or only allow specific people access. Another possibility would be creating a separate account and checking their story feed from there; however this can take longer and may require accepting your request to become their friend first.

Contacting them via another messaging app and checking their status could also work; though it could risk them discovering you are looking at their WhatsApp story, it can still provide an effective way of seeing into it without them knowing.

If you’re really determined to see their status updates, another method would be turning off read receipts on your WhatsApp app. This way they won’t know you viewed their updates but won’t stop you from spying on them using this method.

If you want to gain access to someone’s WhatsApp status from your computer, an easy way is by opening WhatsApp Web in a browser and scanning their QR code with their phone’s WhatsApp app. This will show their last seen time as well as whether their status has two or three tick marks – this method also works if you share common friends on WhatsApp who can verify your identity and allow for the viewing of hidden statuses.

2. They don’t appear in your story feed

WhatsApp’s copycat of Snapchat stories, known as Status, allows people to share more about their daily lives with their contacts. But some might prefer not having everyone see these updates and use WhatsApp’s Mute feature instead; to mute someone’s Status update either press and hold their name in chat list then select Mute on Android, or swipe right to three-dot menu then Mute for iOS devices.

WhatsApp provides the option to set a profile picture that’s only visible to your contacts, making this ideal for users who only want their friends to see their status updates, yet cannot use “Only Show With”. To hide your profile photo on WhatsApp, go into Settings then Privacy and security then change your profile photo to grey avatar.

Protecting your privacy can be tricky if there are nosy family members or colleagues who check out your story feed too often, however there are apps available which allow people to still see other people’s Instagram and WhatsApp statuses even when they have been blocked from doing so, often known as “status viewers.” These work similarly to apps such as GBWhatsApp that allow accessing peoples DPs without blocking.

These apps may contain malware and viruses; however, this doesn’t make them illegal or against Instagram and WhatsApp’s terms of service – it should simply be taken into consideration before downloading such applications.

If you’re uncertain if a contact has hidden their status, try sending them a message and seeing their response. If they fail to reply or you don’t see blue ticks appear after reading receipts have been disabled, this could indicate they have disabled read receipts; should this prove the case for them, it may be best to end your friendship immediately, particularly if they frequently messaged asking for money or complaining of issues they face.

3. They don’t appear in your contact list

There could be multiple reasons for why someone’s status may not appear in your WhatsApp contact list: they could have not saved their number yet or deleted their profile altogether; another possibility is they have blocked you and won’t allow you to see their story anymore.

If your contacts are missing from WhatsApp, there could be an issue with its settings. First try restarting your phone to see if that solves it; otherwise try updating to the latest version from either App Store or Google Play to fix this issue.

One reason your contacts might not appear on WhatsApp may be that they’re members of a hidden group. To rectify this issue, open up this group and select all its members individually; after doing so, your contacts should start showing up again on WhatsApp.

Refresh your contact list on WhatsApp to retrieve missing contacts. This will remove newly added ones while bringing back those you had been missing – to do this, simply tap on the “New Chat” button in the bottom-right corner or use the three vertical dots in the top-right corner to refresh.

Switching over to an alternative WhatsApp can help keep your identity hidden when viewing someone’s status update. There are various apps that provide access to other people’s stories if they have been blocked from viewing your own. Just ensure it doesn’t require having their number in order to view their story.

Another way of checking whether someone has blocked you from seeing their WhatsApp story is to look at their last seen date and time stamp – this will confirm whether they’ve blocked or allowed access. Simply open their profile and view this information.

4. They’re blocked

If someone hides their story from you on WhatsApp, the easiest way to know if they do is simply asking them directly. There may also be other methods available to check whether you are being blocked from seeing someone’s status uploads – if this occurs for any of your friends it could mean either that they have changed their privacy settings or blocked you altogether.

There could also be something blocking you from seeing the stories of certain friends, such as changes to their privacy settings or not saving your number in their phone book. If this seems likely, reach out to mutual acquaintances to see if they can help solve the mystery.

One way of telling whether someone has hidden their stories on WhatsApp from you is to check their profile picture; if it features a solid white screen in its place, that indicates they have blocked you from viewing their stories.

Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat allow users to block specific users so that they don’t view your stories. To do this, open their profile and tap the menu icon in the top right corner, followed by “Block.” Alternatively, if they have seen your stories you can also block them by tapping three dot profile and selecting “Block.” Note: if they were already following you before they were blocked they will no longer appear in your story viewer list unless refollowed again after blocking.

If your contact has set their privacy settings to “Nobody” or “My Contacts,” and you cannot see their last seen on WhatsApp, this could be due to them having set these as private. To change this setting simply visit Settings app > Privacy.

If you have many friends on Instagram, it may be prudent to set your privacy settings so only your closest acquaintances can see your pictures and videos. This will prevent other individuals from accidentally accessing private material without consent. Alternatively, to prevent strangers from viewing public posts temporarily by pressing the lock button.