How Do You Know a Friendship is Over?

Friendships are a crucial part of life, but they come with a lot of risk and stress. As we grow older, our interests and values change, and some of us have a tendency to lose touch with people who used to be in our lives. Whether it’s because we don’t see them as often, or they move away, there will eventually come a point when you have to decide to end your friendship.

When a friend becomes toxic

It’s easy to fall into the trap of letting your relationships with friends become strained and unresolved. This is especially true when you have a friend who has issues that they refuse to address and who you don’t feel comfortable expressing your feelings to.

If you find yourself avoiding a friend and not wanting to hang out, this is a sign that they no longer hold a place in your heart. It could be something as simple as work, mental health, or family — and it’s important to check in with them about why they’re ignoring you and avoiding your calls.

A friend who doesn’t value you is not worth your time or energy. You should only be friends with those who you feel safe and secure around and who share your values, says psychotherapist Sarah Schmitt.

Your friend is lying or doesn’t honor your boundaries

If a friend ignores your communication or doesn’t treat you with respect, it’s time to call it quits. This is particularly true if they’re trying to manipulate you or take advantage of you in some way.

You have to spend a lot of effort to please them, and you’re not able to be yourself anymore. They’re wasting their time on things that don’t interest you, and they’re not as genuine or supportive of your growth as they were before.

Despite having spent years sharing the most intimate details of your life with each other, you’re not feeling the same sense of closeness any more. This can be difficult to understand, but it’s a strong indicator that your friendship is over.

Your friend can’t keep a secret from you, and it doesn’t feel natural for you to talk about your deepest secrets with them anymore. You’re also feeling hesitant to confide in them because you don’t know how they would react to the news.

When you’re no longer able to have fun together, this is another sign that your relationship is ending. The last thing you want to do is have a boring day out with your best friend, and it’s definitely a red flag that they’re not putting you first.

It’s hard to tell when a friendship is over, but it can be helpful to look for signs that you are slipping out of your groove. Keeping an eye on these 15 indicators will help you make a final decision when the time is right.

If you are not sure if your friend is right for you, journaling about your thoughts and feelings may give you the clarity you need to decide. It’s also a great way to avoid blaming them for your feelings or being defensive in conversations.