How Do You Introduce Yourself As a TA?

How do you introduce yourself as a ta

A teaching assistant (TA) is a student who assists their professor with some classroom sessions, grading homework and holding office hours. TAs often serve as mentors for students interested in becoming teachers themselves and can help you develop the skills you need to succeed.

TAs are assigned a courseload and have to take on the responsibility of managing that schedule including taking attendance, controlling distracted students and entering grades. The TA also needs to know their class’s classroom policies, so that they can make appropriate changes if necessary. For example, it’s important for a TA to know that the ringing of cell phones and tinny music from neighbours’ earbuds should be minimized to avoid distracting students from their learning.

When you first meet your professors and begin working with your class, give them a short introduction about yourself to let them know you are ready and willing to assist them. Tell them about your background in the discipline, how it relates to the material and why you are excited about it. Then thank them and say goodbye. It’s a good idea to write this introduction in advance so you can send it to the professor as soon as possible, so they have plenty of time to prepare for your arrival.