How Do You Get More Stones in Smurf Village?

Smurf Village is a social game featuring timed events, harvesting and collecting activities, as well as purchasing items to speed things up. What distinguishes it is the inclusion of Smurfs into gameplay!

Cobbler Smurf can be found in the Build Menu; just tap his icon or his hut for purchase of hats and shoes for Smurfs and Swoofs alike. Only one pair at a time may be worn at once.

1. Collect blueberries

Smurfs must join together after an unknown assailant has destroyed their village, to rebuild. Users begin with just one mushroom house and plot of land plowed, but must earn coins and level up in order to expand the community by farming crops, building structures, and participating in various minigames to form a bustling town.

The game offers various building options to select from. Red mushroom houses cost 30 coins each and add one new Smurf to the village population. Once players can afford it, it would be prudent to buy multiple homes and upgrade them regularly with each upgrade costing additional coins but providing significant increases to both smurf count and overall village size.

Players can construct additional smurf-related buildings such as a bakery, mine, log mill and treehouse for more XP and income. Sprucing up their villages also earns them daily bonuses in gold while placing rocks near Miner Smurf’s mine or logs by Timber Smurf’s hut will generate even more daily XP rewards.

Crops like watermelons, tomatoes and pumpkins can be planted to generate extra income and experience points each day. After an allotted time period has elapsed, harvest these crops before they wilt or expire to ensure maximum profit from them.

Jokey offers 19 presents to collect in The Village. He can be found near Papa Smurf’s house to the right and collectible 13B, giving out one every day and rewarding players by giving a temporary sprint jump ability for short period of time once all 19 have been collected.

2. Collect smurfs

Papa Smurf and those left behind must come together after an assassination to rebuild their mushroom-shaped homes in Smurf Village. As you progress through the game, more houses can be constructed as you purchase items with advantages or boosts; some require reaching specific levels or having specific structures constructed – these restrictions will be clearly listed on each item purchased.

Gold coins are the primary currency in Smurfs Village and can be used for purchasing items, Smurf Huts, and buildings. There are a number of ways you can earn gold coins – levelling up and harvesting crops are two such methods of doing this!

Smurfs in the game can harvest and cultivate various flowers, vegetables and fruits for harvesting and farming in one plot per regular working Smurf in your village – these items can be found under Smurfs/Farming in the build menu.

Outside of harvesting items, there are many other Smurf activities you can engage in to earn various rewards. These include tapping Maestro Smurf’s hut to collect marching band smurfs to play their tunes; as well as tapping Caveman Smurf’s hut for fossil bones so you can revive ancient dinosaurs back into existence!

Visit your friends’ and Featured Villages by tapping the map screen, and tapping on their friend icon. Adjust sound levels, day/night effects and warning messages as desired and reset your game; do note however that restarting will erase your progress! You can access Settings by tapping on the main menu button in the lower left corner. From here you can also view Support ID information as well as legal details related to Terms & Conditions.

3. Collect food

The Smurf village is an enchanted land of cooperation and magic, where its inhabitants reside in mushroom houses surrounded by lush gardens, bridges that span running rivers, and trodden paths. Gargamel destroyed their original village but with Papa Smurf’s guidance players can rebuild a new Smurf home!

To gather food, tap on either a garden or crop menu at the bottom of the screen. Each garden requires one Smurf to tend it; when crops are harvested they earn gold and XP respectively. Once an item has reached maturity it will automatically harvest itself; otherwise its harvestable area will wilt away and eventually vanish altogether.

Build special huts to automatically collect resources, like Handy’s Hut and Architect’s Hut, which will automatically gather wood, stone and dye. Alternatively, visit your friends’ villages and “Like” an area there; that will unlock additional resources – appearing on your Featured tab of Friends list as “Liked Areas.”

Other methods for collecting resources include collecting crates from cliffs, tapping Tracker Smurf’s cauldron to complete his scavenger hunt and using a smurfosplat to clear pies (this can also be done alone). Tapping the “Move” button in the build menu allows you to temporarily obscure foreground objects so that you can see behind them, including any paths you have constructed.

Finally, you can collect various special items by tapping the map and gift icons on your village screen. Each friend will send one gift per day – these appear as yellow-and-red gift boxes!

4. Collect potions

While one would assume a game titled Smurfs Village would have little in the way of city building or time management aspects, there are actually quite a few considerations which make it worthwhile. There is a set of core construction tasks you must complete as well as morale-boosting mini games which keep those tasks moving along successfully.

Artsy Smurf will play a painting game to help you earn extra XP. Hefty Smurf can make your chopping wood or mining resources faster. And Greedy Smurf’s bakery allows you to bake for even more XP!

Papa Smurf also has a lab where you can enjoy playing a potion-mixing mini game for experience points (XP). His lab regularly upgrades, increasing how many potions you can mix for more XP. When upgraded sufficiently, yellow, green and orange potions become available that increase maximum XP earned from this mini-game.

Earn gold coins by completing quests, harvesting crops and digging for Smurfberries – these coins can then be used to purchase buildings such as Smurf huts. Expanding garden plots also can help earn these precious coins!

Finally, Smurf Village allows visitors to visit friends’ villages where you can earn small amounts of XP by participating in minigames or helping complete some tasks they require of you. This feature makes the community feel more lively without making the game too competitive; to join it for yourself simply tap “Register” at the top of this page and create an account free of charge!

5. Collect coins

The Smurfs for 3DS enhances its more basic and shallow minigames by adding a city-building focus that gives them weight and purpose. Rebuilding Smurf village may not ever get too deep, but there’s always enough work to keep you engaged through quick tasks while short stories provide direction and provide meaning.

Beginning with an unexpected event that reduces a village to disarray and scatters everyone into the forest in search of their homes, you will help the Smurfs return and rebuild their village as you bake delicious treats in their bakery, collect berries from Smurf forests, harvest crops, build structures and much more!

One effective strategy to build up your resources is planting Garden plots. Each hour, these will bring in some gold and experience points – with their production being enhanced further by placing watermelons, tomatoes or pumpkins nearby.

An additional way to earn extra money is by collecting Jokey Smurf’s presents, which can be found throughout the village and outside its spawn area, behind Papa Smurf’s house up on its roof balcony, etc. There are 19 of these presents waiting to be collected!

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