How Do You Get Marker Off a Doll?

Cleaning dolls is often an uphill battle, especially if they contain marker stains. Luckily, there are various effective solutions available to remove markers such as acetone, hydrogen peroxide and magic erasers from dolls.

Rubbing alcohol can also be an effective home cleaning product to use to remove marker stains from surfaces. Simply soak a cotton ball or pad with alcohol, then rub over the stain with it.


If your doll has marker stains on its body, acetone may help. Acetone can also help eliminate other stains such as rust or tea stains from her surface; you can purchase it from any beauty supply store or online. To use acetone effectively, pour some into a bowl or similar container and dip a cotton ball or pad into it before applying directly over stained areas until most or all marker has been eliminated; be wary not to overuse as too much acetone may damage vinyl and risk melting off or damaging her surface!

Hydrogen peroxide can also help you remove marker from a doll by simply pouring some on a cotton ball or pad and applying to the marked area on your doll. After applying, simply blot off with a towel before drying your area with another rag.

Use a dry eraser to quickly and efficiently clean marker from your doll’s face or body, particularly if the marker is still fresh as this method will wipe off easily and quickly. While this technique is suitable for most fabrics and plastic dolls, vinyl or antique dolls should be avoided as this cleaning method might damage them further. Take caution when cleaning dolls that feature painted details around their eyes, such as eyes with painted details that require careful consideration when handling.

If you want to avoid the chemical effects of acetone, there are other methods you can try instead. Rubbing alcohol may work just as effectively at removing marker stains from your doll’s skin as does baking soda paste and water washing solutions. To keep from returning markers use light detergent frequently on your washables!

Mineral spirits provide a more reliable cleaner option, helping you quickly remove marker stains from the body or clothing of reborn dolls with acrylic and polyurethane finishes. Mineral spirits may also be useful when cleaning porcelain dolls, vintage toys or modern toys.

Hydrogen peroxide

Dolls require special care when it comes to cleaning them, as many feature intricate painted details that could easily be erased during the process. It is a good idea to test out your chosen method on a small area prior to trying to tackle the entire doll in order to prevent damaging its delicate fabric or worsening any existing stain. Furthermore, only use cleaners suitable for each type of doll you own; porcelain dolls from antique collections should seek professional assistance for cleaning their details.

One inexpensive and common way of removing marker stains from dolls is soaking them in acetone or nail polish remover, which will bind with any chemicals and lift them off their surface before being wiped clean with a wet cloth afterwards. You could also try washing it as normal; however this may not fully remove all marker spots.

Hydrogen peroxide is another great way to remove marker from dolls, acting both as an antiseptic and mild bleaching agent – easily found at most drug stores. Use cotton pads or corners of microfiber cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide to dab onto stained areas until all traces have been eliminated. Repeat until all marks have been completely eliminated.

If your doll has numerous marker spots, removing them all may take some time. To expedite this process, use a baking soda-and-water paste. Mix equal parts baking soda and water together before applying the mixture directly to stained areas and leaving for one hour before wiping with damp rag.

Make use of an equal mixture of rubbing alcohol and Dawn dish-washing liquid to clean marker stains off your doll’s head or hair. While this method should be suitable for most types of dolls, be wary that too much moisture entering through its scalp area may eat away at vinyl; alternatively you could try immersing her in a mixture of liquid fabric softener dissolved into warm water for more gentle treatment.

Magic erasers

If your American Doll Girl doll has been marked with permanent marker, there are various methods available to you for safely erasing it without damaging its surface. A popular method is using a magic eraser which is available at many stores; its sponge-like surface contains no chemicals and allows you to moisten and rub over any marks and stains from its surface before wiping down with wet cloth when finished.

Rubbing alcohol is another home cleaning product you can use to remove permanent marker stains from doll limbs and doll bodies. You’ll find it readily available at most drugstores, and its costs are relatively minimal. Simply soak a cotton swab or cotton ball in alcohol and rub over the marker stain with it. Additionally, nail polish remover may provide an alternative solution as rubbing alcohol.

Baby wipes contain gentle cleansing agents that will effectively remove marker stains. If you don’t have them available, another brand of hand soap or anti-bacterial hand gel might work just as effectively; although it might not perform as effectively on porous materials.

Remove marker stains on plastic toys and vinyl by mixing together toothpaste and lemon juice in a homemade paste, which works especially well on plastic toys and vinyl figures. However, it is best to test this solution on a small patch of the doll’s face prior to applying to prevent any irreparable damage – be wary around painted areas like eyes and mouths where paint may already exist on their faces!

Fabric dolls can also be washed in a washing machine, although this method may cause more harm than good for some dolls. If you plan on doing this, always refer to its care tag to determine if the toy can be washed at home with ease; otherwise try gently brushing or towel scrubbing off stains instead.


If you don’t have access to a Magic Eraser, alcohol may also work as an effective solution for removing marker from your doll. Rubbing alcohol works well at dissolving most stains on surfaces. Fabric-friendly versions can even be found at most drugstores for cleaning fabrics like clothing. Just dip a cotton ball or pad into the alcohol and rub over any markers stains with caution on top. Ensure your doll is completely clean before placing into the wash cycle.

The method outlined here is ideal for eliminating marker stains on plastic dolls and should be implemented as soon as the stain has occurred; otherwise, the marker will dry and be more difficult to remove. Furthermore, this approach works just as effectively on toys, furniture and clothing items made of plastic.

Marker remover is another great way to safely and quickly clear away unwanted markers on your doll. These products can be found online or in most home supply stores. Before applying it over an extensive area, however, be sure to perform a patch test first so as to avoid any chemical reactions that might damage its skin or materials.

Putting lemon juice to use when nothing else has worked is another effective solution, especially on fabric dolls that are machine-washable. Simply squeeze some into a spray bottle and apply to stains; rinse the doll under warm water before drying with paper towels afterwards.