How Do You Get Free Diamonds in Animal Jam?

Diamonds are one of the premium currencies in Animal Jam and they can be used to purchase some of the most exciting new animals, pets, dens, and items in Animal Jam. You can earn them through playing Animal Jam games, winning the daily spin, or purchasing membership gift certificates in the Animal Jam Outfitters shop.

Get Free Diamonds on Animal Jam

There are several different ways to get diamonds on Animal Jam and the best way is by becoming a member. Members can earn 1 free diamond a week and many membership cards come with a bonus amount of diamonds! You can also buy a membership gift certificate from the outfitters store and these come in 10 or 25 diamonds.

You can also get diamonds through the Daily Spin, weekly contests, and the My Shop den item. These items are only available for a limited time, so don’t miss out on the chance to get them!

Become a Member

To become a member on Animal Jam you will need to create an account using your email address and password. This is an important step as it will keep your account safe from scammers. You can also choose to have a Parent Dashboard, which will give you control over your child’s account and will allow you to view their login times, billing payments, code redemption, and disciplinary actions taken against them.

Play a Game to Get Diamonds

In Animal Jam, you can play mini arcade games to earn gems. These gems can be redeemed in the Animal Jam app or online.

You can also find gem codes in magazines and ads. Once you have enough gems, you can transfer them to another player. This is a great way to gain more diamonds, but it can be tricky since the other person may not have as many gems as you do.

Make Friends and Send Gifts to them

You will need to make at least three friends on Animal Jam before you can send gifts to them. These can be gifts that you’ve earned or they can be gifts that other players have sent to you. You can even recycle these gifts to get more gems.

Try to be nice and not send gifts that you don’t want! This can cause you to lose some gems.

AJ HQ releases codes on official Animal Jam toys, Retail Gift Cards, and Gift Certificates! These codes can be redeemed for cool prizes like diamonds and sapphires.

They are also released for holidays and special occasions! These codes can be found in the Official Insider’s Guide, in the AJHQ newsletter, and in some official Animal Jam games.

You can also find codes on the Animal Jam website and in the back of the Animal Jam Play Wild! mobile app.

These codes are case insensitive so they will work on both games.

Use the AJ Trading System

The AJ Trading System is designed to prevent scams and keep players safe from unwanted goods. It allows you to trade unwanted items with other Animal Jam players, and it also keeps you safe from getting a ban.