How Do You Get a Stray Kitten to Come to You?

If you have ever seen a stray kitten on your porch, you probably want to do everything in your power to make it come home. After all, it’s cute, floppy, and adorable.

But the answer is not as simple as just shooing it away. Some stray cats are not friendly and need time and patience to get used to their new surroundings.

The first thing you need to do is decide whether the cat has any health issues that need immediate attention. If so, you should contact a veterinarian immediately and schedule an appointment for the animal.

Next, find a humane trap and set it up near the location where you found the stray cat. Put a small amount of food in the trap and keep it open. After a few days, the kitten will start to approach the trap and enter it willingly.

Traps are available at most hardware stores and pet stores. If you’re unsure of the kind to purchase, ask your vet or local shelter for recommendations.

Talk to the stray kitten frequently and gently. This will help them get used to your voice and physical presence.

You should also leave something with your scent on it near the stray kittens when you’re not there, like a small cat toy or feathers tied to a long stick. This will increase their trust in you and the environment.

Eventually, the stray kitten may learn to associate you with food and will begin eating from your hand. This can take some time, but if you follow these steps, it’s worth the effort.

If the stray kitten is not very aggressive, you can try picking it up and placing it in a towel. Wrapping it up helps it feel safe and secure while you pet it on the head and ears.

This can be done multiple times a day and with different hands, so it’s possible to slowly gain the stray kitten’s trust. You should be careful not to move too quickly as this will scare the stray kitten and they may react by hissing or biting you.

Once the stray kitten begins to trust you, continue to visit them often and quietly. Avoid moving too quickly when they are around and do not make direct eye contact.

Offer the stray kitten soft treats on a spoon every so often (a couple of tbsp a day). This will eventually make them take these treats directly from your hand and will help them get used to you.

When a stray kitten is comfortable with you, they may begin to seek you out for affection. This is called “bonding.” It can take days or months, but it is well worth the time and effort.

You can help a stray kitten become comfortable with you by giving them plenty of love, food and play. The most important aspect of this is making sure the stray kitten feels safe in your home so that it will come to you when it needs your love and attention.