How Do You Deal With Civil Unrest?

Civil unrest can range from small local rallies to large demonstrations with thousands of people, and they can be a real threat to you, your business, and your community. It’s important to have the proper tools and knowledge to deal with civil unrest, so that you can minimize any damage to your property and safety of your employees and customers.

Know the signs that a crowd might turn violent

When a crowd begins to become violent, it’s usually because of some underlying issue or cause. In order to stay safe, it’s essential that you understand how a crowd turns into a mob and what you need to do to escape it before it gets out of hand.

During times of civil unrest, you should always follow your local emergency preparedness plans. This means that you should stay indoors if possible, and obey your city’s curfews. You should also keep a supply of food and water close by, in case you have to leave the area.

Make sure you have a meeting point that’s easily accessible when the unrest starts to escalate. This will help you and your family reunite in a safer location.

Bring plenty of food and water

Having a sufficient amount of food and water to last you for several days is a critical part of surviving civil unrest. It gives you peace of mind and lets you sleep better at night knowing that you have enough nourishment to get through the unrest.

Store your supplies at a centrally located safe place in your home, or somewhere where you can easily access them when the unrest is bad. For example, you could have a supply of bottled water stored in your garage or near the front door.

Stock up on essentials, such as food, water, and medical supplies like wound care or first aid kits. You should also carry a weapon, such as a firearm, in case you need to protect yourself or your loved ones from harm.

Be aware of your surroundings

If you’re in an area where a protest is happening, you should be extra alert and keep yourself away from the crowd. Avoid the area if you see rioting, vandalism, or other suspicious activity.

Evacuate your vehicle if you think the situation is unsafe

You should always take shelter in a safe place if there’s unrest nearby, especially if you are driving a car or a truck. If you are unable to escape, park the vehicle and lock the doors until it is safe for you to go outside.

Call 911 to request law enforcement support and determine what steps you should take to address the situation if it escalates. You should also contact the school district and other relevant departments.

Prepare a safety plan for the staff and students in your building

If you have any concerns about how to respond to civil unrest, it’s important that you inform your local authorities so they can advise you on best practices. This will ensure that your staff and students are able to react calmly and safely.