How Do You Contact Ferns and Petals?

Ferns and Petals is a floral and gift company offering an impressive variety of products. Their aim is to bring happiness and joy by providing people with top quality gifts and flowers of the highest quality, as well as help make the world a better place by practicing sustainability by planting trees with each order placed.

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Ferns N Petals makes it easy to connect with them via email with the contact form on their website, as well as subscribe to their mailing list for special offers and discounts on products. You can even connect on social media for ideas and inspiration!

Gifts and flowers for any special event. Its website makes ordering easy with same-day delivery available. Plus, friendly customer service representatives are on hand to address any inquiries or resolve issues that may arise.

Ferns N Petals was established in India in 1994 and quickly rose to become one of the country’s premier flower and gift retailers, boasting a wide range of product offerings at stores nationwide as well as international markets including the United States. Headquartered in Delhi with 865 employees working across its stores; annual revenues top $5M.


Ferns add a unique and beautiful element to any landscape, providing structural support while simultaneously drawing in pollinators. They’re easy to care for, requiring no major irrigation needs – you can find them both locally at garden centers as well as online.

When buying a fern, be sure to visit its company’s website for special offers and discounts. Signing up for their email list could net you updates and coupons; plus social media is also an effective way to connect with them and ask questions!

The company’s e-commerce portal provides a variety of flowers, chocolates, cakes and plants for same-day delivery for orders placed before 4 PM IST and also offers 15% discounts when you refer friends; orders over $35 qualify for free shipping.

Ferns are unique among plant species because they do not produce seeds or flowers; rather, their reproduction process involves producing spores. Yet similar in many ways to other plant species, ferns have multiple uses; for instance they can be used as decoration and are frequently grown in tropical regions as well as home gardens.

There are various varieties of ferns, each serving its own purpose. As well as providing structure and attracting pollinators, ferns are great at creating shade or absorbing excess water – not to mention they come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes to fit in perfectly with any decor!

If you want to give someone something that will bring them joy and make them smile, consider sending a fern as a present. Not only is it visually stunning and easy to grow; its low maintenance needs also make it perfect for any special event!

Ferns N Petals was established in 1994 as a florist and gifting company, providing gifts and flowers to customers worldwide. Today it boasts over 450 stores in India alone – making them one of the leading floral brands there.

Live Chat

When selecting the appropriate live chat software for your website, there are a variety of choices available to you. Many offer free trials so that you can test out the software before making a commitment. When choosing a provider that meets all of your criteria – features and easy integration are two critical considerations when making this choice.

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Ferns N Petals (FNP), established in 1994, specializes in gifting flowers and plants across India and has over 320 outlets spread out across the nation as well as presences in UAE, Kuwait and Qatar. Their products are well known for their quality and innovation.

FNP has invested in several technologies, such as a cloud-based CRM system designed to monitor customer interactions and assist managers in creating more effective strategies. As a result, customer loyalty has dramatically increased while double-digit revenue growth has also occurred. Plans are in the works to expand operations into additional markets.

Amazon has designed an Alexa Skill that allows customers to place orders for loved ones simply by giving voice commands. Furthermore, customers can view past orders and get suggestions for gifts through this skill which is available free of charge on Amazon.

Not only does the company provide gifts, they also offer other services like wedding and event management as well as wedding and event planners. Their team of professionals work tirelessly to meet customers’ needs – accepting credit/debit cards as well as cash on delivery payments options.

Social Media

Ferns and Petals is an online flower and gift company offering an assortment of products. Their website is easy to navigate with an integrated search bar to quickly locate products suitable for any special occasion. In addition, there is a customer service line to assist customers should any further queries arise.

There are various ways you can reach out to a company via social media, from following its Twitter account for up-to-the-minute news and updates, or visiting its Facebook page, which offers users an avenue for connecting. Furthermore, contact information can also be found on its website.

FNP is one of India’s premier gifts and flowers retailers, operating across 120 cities in India. Offering fresh flowers, bouquets, cakes, chocolates and same-day delivery on orders placed before 4 PM IST for orders placed by customers within India as well as international operations in Kuwait, Qatar Oman and Bahrain, FNP provides customers with quality merchandise at unbeatable prices.

The company also offers an impressive variety of personalized mugs and t-shirts as gifts, with free shipping for orders of Rs 500 or more – making them an affordable solution. Furthermore, their customer service representatives are dedicated to helping customers select the ideal present.

Thus, this company’s reputation has been stellar, drawing in many customers. Recently, they expanded their product offering and now provide gifts and flowers for every special occasion imaginable. Furthermore, there is a mobile app for ordering flowers and gifts on any device – free download and use – iOS and Android compatible! In addition to that they boast over one million followers between Facebook and Twitter plus an in-depth FAQs page as well as customer service page that provide customers with peace of mind when placing orders with them.