How Do You Check Crime Rate in an Area?

If you’re a home buyer or renter, knowing the crime rate in your area can make all the difference. It can give you confidence in your purchase decision and ensure that you have a safe place to live when you move in.

While crime statistics can provide an indication of a neighborhood’s safety, it’s important to remember that they don’t paint the full picture. It’s possible for a higher crime percentage to be based on fewer people in the area, which may give you a false impression about the safety of the community.

To get a clearer understanding of your neighborhood’s crime rates, you can check out several different online resources. These sites include crime maps and crime reports, which offer a wealth of information on local crimes.

A website such as CityProtect collects crime data from law enforcement agencies and provides it in an easy-to-understand map format. The site also lets you sign up for alerts so you can be notified of potential crimes in your area. You can even submit a tip to help law enforcement combat crime.

You can also check out the crime reports of an individual police department to see what kinds of crimes are occurring in your area. These sites allow you to filter your search by date, day of the week and time of day.

Another great option is to sign up for crime alerts, which can be sent to you in an email if a crime occurs nearby. You can choose the frequency of these notifications and select which incident types you’d like to be notified about.

Keeping tabs on crime can also be a good way to avoid being scammed or targeted by thieves. Using the Internet is a convenient and affordable way to do this.

One of the best ways to keep tabs on your local crime rates is by signing up for a free account with CrimeReports. This site is a public service that collects crime reports from more than 1,000 law enforcement agencies, and provides a map to show you the area where you live. You can also sign up for alerts to be notified of incidents in your area, and you can even register your own security cameras on the website.

For a more in-depth approach, you can use the NYC Crime Map to view crime by precinct. This allows you to see the number of crime incidents, homicides, assaults and burglaries per neighborhood in New York City. You can also view these numbers by year, month and specific precinct.

The crime map is also a great way to compare the crime rates of two cities. The information is provided by the NYPD and can be viewed in a variety of formats, including map, table and graph.

You can also look up the homicide rate in an area by visiting the website of the New York Police Department. The site color-codes neighborhoods by homicide rates over the last 12 months. This gives you an idea of the level of crime in your city and can help you decide which areas are safe to visit and where you should avoid.