How Do You Change Your Background Color on Instagram Without Covering Up the Picture?

Instagram now lets users upload any picture from their phone as the background for their stories, making this an effective way of driving clicks and engagement for your content.

But what if you want to customize the background color when posting from your feed or reposting someone else’s story?

1. Tap and hold on the picture

Instagram Stories can be an effective way to update followers, promote an event or giveaway, or engage with your community. One of the key components of an Instagram Story is its background color: its specific hue can help your content stand out and become more recognizable among its peers. But how do you change its hue on Instagram without covering up images? Changing Instagram background colors without losing content is much simpler than you may realize!

Simply upload a photo or video to your Story, select the “photo sticker” option from the drop-down menu, and choose a color from either the palette at the bottom of your screen or by using eyedropper tool to identify one in your photo. When your color has been selected, drag your photo around until you find where you want it on screen.

If you are using a photo that you took yourself, the scribble tool can also help create a translucent background. Located second on the list of tools after eraser, you have several pens at your disposal to use when drawing over the background – for the best results use one with light-colored ink!

Scribble tool works similarly with posts you’ve been tagged in; simply navigate to it and tap on the paper airplane icon at the top of the screen to repost.

Once you’ve chosen a photo, long press on it to change its background color. From there, add photos, videos, GIFs, text or even emojis and hashtags for increased engagement!

Change the background color on Instagram is simple and can help your posts stand out from the pack, garnering more clicks. Try out various options before selecting what best works for you.

2. Tap on the dropper tool

Instagram Stories features allow users to post images and videos with customizable background colors, making your brand’s aesthetic more identifiable. There are two methods of changing the background color on an Instagram Story; first using Draw to create a solid block of color over your photo or video and secondly by selecting one directly from an image using Dropper tool.

Are You Wanting To Add Background Color To Your Instagram Story? The process for doing so can be straightforward. All that’s necessary is an image or video for use as the background, an appropriate sticker and color choice; videos may additionally support timers and text.

Start by tapping on “Add to Story,” selecting an image or video from your device, and tap on “+” (Add sticker). Then once your photo or video has been uploaded, tap on its top-left corner to reveal editing tools.

Once the toolbars appear, select your colors from both toolbars – top and bottom toolbars as well as preset background colors available via the bottom toolbar – before tapping on squiggle icon for photo frames to change colors as desired.

Changing the background color on an already uploaded story from another user requires more elaborate steps. You’ll still use the color palette at the bottom of your screen to choose a hue, but to pick out an exact shade within that story you must use the dropper tool to select specific shades within it – otherwise the whole story will become saturated with that hue instead of reflecting its original post message. If this doesn’t suit your purposes then use the eraser tool to undo any changes you made and reveal its original appearance!

3. Tap on the scribble tool

Instagram provides an awesome feature that allows you to change the background color on your stories easily and simply. Changing its background hue makes your stories look more interesting and on brand, while drawing people in. To do this, select your story you wish to edit, select one of the background color options at the bottom of your screen, long press on it until it changes and long-press again to save.

Use the Scribble tool to bring out parts of an image otherwise hidden behind background colors, and to create patterns which will appear when swiping on your story. This creative technique adds flair and draws more followers.

If you’re using the create tool, however, the process differs slightly. While you cannot select an exact background color with it, eyedroppers allow you to take advantage of an opportunity in any post you share and pick a hue directly. Or use either scribble or eraser tools to create patterns on your background image.

There are also multiple ways you can change the background color when reposting a story from someone else. Simply tap either of the scribble and eraser tools to change and reveal original image; or select from palette at bottom.

Use the scribble and eraser tools to add shapes to your story, making it more visually appealing while adding another level of creativity and surprise to it. Use the scribble tool for text or stickers if necessary; no artist required! You’ll soon have yourself an interesting and unforgettable Instagram story!

4. Tap on the eraser tool

Instagram stories provide a quick and digestible way of showcasing posts, videos, or stories for an instantaneous display that only lasts 24 hours before disappearing from view. While they may seem unnecessary at first, stories can help increase engagement by creating an intimate connection between brands and their target audiences.

One of the best ways to use Instagram stories is by adding background colors. This technique creates visually appealing stories and will catch the attention of your followers. Simply choose an appealing high-quality photo from your camera roll, select an appropriate hue for its background, then long press on the screen to watch its transformation!

If you want a creative yet discreet method of changing the background color on your Instagram Story, use the eraser tool to reveal portions of an image. This tactic can help generate excitement among viewers as you tease them about new photos or reels to come. Furthermore, using this technique enables you to customise the size and sizing of each image which helps ensure it fits within the brand standards for your story.

To use this technique on Instagram Stories, select an image or post that you would like to feature, select one of the available backgrounds at the bottom of your screen, and use the eraser tool to reveal parts of the picture. While this technique might look messy at times, it can give your Instagram Story an interesting and distinctive appearance.

An additional option for customizing the background of your Instagram story is using a transparent overlay. This method works well if you want to highlight specific colors without covering up images in your post or story. To implement this strategy, start a new story and include whatever post(s) or photos(s) that you would like in it.