How Do You Change a Sim’s Traits?

When you create a Sim, you get to choose their traits. These traits will help shape their personality and what skills they are naturally good at. However, sometimes you may want to change these traits after they’ve been created. There are two ways to do this; cheating or using the Re-Traiting Potion.

To cheat, press CTRL+Shift+C on the keyboard or R1/RB, R2/RT, L1/LB, and L2/LT on the controllers. This will open the cheat input box. Type testingcheatsenabled true into the box and then select ‘Enter’. Now you can change a Sim’s traits anytime during gameplay, not just when they are first made.

A lot of these trait mods will need the City Living expansion pack in order to work. Here are a few of our favorites that you can use.

Computer Whiz

This trait makes it easier for Sims to learn a variety of computer skills, including programming and chess. They also have more fun playing games on the computer and enjoy socializing over the internet. This is a great trait for a Sim who wants to be a tech guru or freelance programmer.


This Sim trait is perfect for gardening lovers. It makes it easier for Sims to grow plants and harvest them, as well as gives them a bunch of new whims related to gardening and farming. It’s a must-have for anyone who plays the game frequently and loves to play with the outdoors.


Sims who have this trait will be able to paint, draw, and sculpt more easily and with higher quality than others. They can also sell their work for more money at the consignment shop introduced with the Ambitions expansion. They can also churn out high-quality paintings round the clock. The only downside is that they can become depressed if their social needs are low, which can be cured by self-clicking to breathe through a paper bag or by visiting the hospital.


If your Sims have this trait, they will be able to craft art, music, writing, and meals of higher quality when they’re sad. They can also gain inspiration faster when they are alone, making them a great choice for writers and artists who enjoy being isolated. However, they can become depressed if their social need goes down, which isn’t as much of a problem as it would be for Sims without this trait.


Sim with this trait can often wake up with the -40 4h negative moodlet ‘Out of Sorts’. This can be cured by self-clicking for them to breathe through a paper bag (Take Deep Breaths) or by visiting the hospital (free). If they do not cure this moodlet, their Traits will change randomly.

Sims who have this trait will be a bit more daring when they’re younger and have the option to pull pranks on their friends, even past curfew. They can also get a +15 moodlet for a few hours after pulling a prank. It’s a good trait to have for children and teens.