How Do You Become a Spy on Club Penguin Rewritten 2020?

Disney officially cancelled Club Penguin in 2017 and fans launched its clone, Club Penguin Rewritten, but now this site has been taken over by City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit.

Visitors to the site now see a warning from PIPCU and are informed that three individuals were arrested over copyright violations. Kotaku reached out to both parties involved for comment.

How to become a spy

Becoming an agent on Club Penguin Rewritten is easier than you might think! All that’s required to become one is taking the EPF test at Everyday Phoning Facility and earning your EPF Phone award – then begin your adventure as an agent! But before getting started there are a few things you should keep in mind before beginning!

Club Penguin has been around for 12 years now, and its history is truly fascinating. It began as a simple Flash 4 web-based game developed by Lance Priebe as part of his spare time during July 2000 – Snow Blasters – before eventually being purchased by Disney and transformed into an ever-expanding franchise featuring comic books series, TV shows, app MMOs and even an actual feature film!

Start off by clicking the gold M badge in the top-right corner. Aunt Arctic will come out and inform you that Club Penguin needs your help to keep its residents safe and content! Select Your Mission card followed by Rewards card before hitting Continue button.

How to get the EPF phone

The EPF Phone is an in-game tool used by members of the Elite Penguin Force to communicate and access various features. Players can visit HQ and complete PSA Missions using this phone, which can be reached by clicking the moderator badge at the top right corner.

Note that the EPF Phone only works in the latest version of Club Penguin; any attempt at using it in any older versions will result in an error message that it is no longer supported. If you wish to play older versions, however, then an app called “Club Penguin Retro” must first be downloaded from its official website and installed for full compatibility.

Once installed, this plugin allows you to view all your EPF achievements. You’ll be able to track progress of PSA missions and Elite Gear status. Furthermore, new Field Ops may arise and reminders about existing ones will also appear here. Lastly, clicking the gold EPF symbol at the bottom center will take you directly into EPF Command Room!

EPF Phone also displays any Medals you have earned by completing PSA Missions and Field-Ops, so that you may spend them at the EPF store on various items. There are four different types of medals you may obtain:

Communications Technology Stealth Stealth Medals reward different items depending on which category it falls into; Communications and Tech Medals reflect an individual’s skills while Stealth/Tactical medals focus more heavily on combat/stealth skills.

Additionally, the EPF Phone can also be used to recruit civilian penguins into PSA. When recruiting civilians successfully, EPF rewards you with a Puffle Whistle function which you can use to call Flare the Elite Puffle!

The EPF Phone is an enjoyable way to stay informed on all of the latest activities happening in Club Penguin Rewritten, helping you plan for future missions and keep yourself informed.

How to get the EPF badge

At first glance, earning the EPF badge may seem complicated. Instead of going directly to HQ and asking for one, instead you need an invite from another agent in game – such as Blizzard or Iceberg servers where lots of agents exist – and speaking to someone about joining PSA (Pleasure Street Agents Association), who will then extend you an invite which can be accepted by clicking on its gold M badge on top.

As soon as you accept an invite to join the PSA, in order to become an agent you must first complete several missions. These missions differ from your typical Club Penguin tasks in that they involve solving puzzles or interacting with other players; some missions may even prove more challenging than expected! Attempts might not always work first time around; should that occur, retrying may be possible.

PSA membership currently offers five different specialization options to choose from: Communication, Tactical, Tech, Stealth and Investigation. Each specializes in a particular aspect of job duties, with increasing levels of specialization yielding greater rewards; in addition, PSA medals earned through completion of HQ missions can also be used towards purchasing elite gear for use during missions.

One of the most notable PSA missions from 2017’s Mountain Expedition was Operation: Blackout. For this mission, players had to disarm a security camera by throwing snowballs at it; once this task had been accomplished, hiding behind one of the bottom poles on either side of the room allowed you to disarm its alarm system and complete your mission successfully.

This was an intensive mission designed to put your stealth skills through their paces. Once defeated, all agents received an EPF pin as the reward; this pin marked 163rd in series but required full-fledged agents in order to access.

How to become a PSA agent

Becoming part of the Elite Penguin Force is easy: just ask another penguin to invite you. With your invitation in hand, visit HQ by using your Spy Phone located in the bottom right of your player card – then choose from a list of missions before being given rewards once complete! New agents require postcard invitations before joining.

The Penguin Secret Agency, or PSA, was the sister organization to the EPF and active between 2017 and 2020. Players used it to keep Club Penguin safe when moderators weren’t around while being rewarded with gifts and medals by its agents.

To join the PSA, just click on the gold M badge in the top-right corner of your screen to access its chat nicely item and click on its talk bubbles on its left. Jet Pack Guy will then appear and offer an exam; should you pass successfully, your reward will include PSA hideout and spy phone.

Once you have both your hidden room and spy phone in place, PSA missions become available to you. These engaging puzzle-style games offer rewards while keeping Herbert P. Bear at bay – there are eleven PSA missions currently available that you can access by clicking the black “PLAY MISSIONS” button at HQ.

Aunt Arctic’s Lost Puffles is an easy and great way to start the PSA experience. Once complete, more difficult missions await your completion!

If you have completed any PSA missions, your progress can be tracked in the awards section of your player card. Alternatively, click on the speech bubble icon in the upper-left corner to view achievements; if having trouble seeing these achievements reload your page.