How Do You Become a Secret Agent on Club Penguin Before 30 Days?

Becoming a secret agent on club penguin before 30 days was actually quite easy. All you had to do was ask a moderator to invite you to the PSA (Police Service Agency) and then answer the questions they asked you correctly. Then they would give you a postcard and spy phone. During the first few years of Club Penguin this was the only way you could become a secret agent and get paid for it. This was changed later on when new secret agents were given a postcard and a salary of 250 coins for the work they did.

The Secret Agent penguins are the elite of the club penguin community. They are trained to use weapons and other equipment to fight against any evil villains who may come onto the island. They also patrol the city, ensuring that the citizens are safe and protected from any dangers. Secret Agents are also very helpful, and will assist other players in a variety of ways. They can help with any problems, whether it be a player cheating, being rude, or just not following the rules. Secret Agents can even teleport to other penguins in need of assistance.

In artwork, secret agents are usually seen wearing a black tie or a black bowtie. They also wear the same clothes as Jet Pack Guy, but without his Jet Pack. However, this is not always the case in-game, and some agents are actually seen wearing a regular penguin uniform. This is because many secret agents have been recruited from the EPF (Elite Polar Force).

To become a Secret Agent on Club Penguin you must be at least 30 days old, and then click the moderator badge at the top left corner of your screen. They will then ask you a few questions about yourself and what you would do if you saw another penguin breaking the rules. After you answer the questions correctly, they will then tell you that you are now a secret agent and will give you your postcard and spy phone.

This will not happen for non-members who are not members of the PSA (Police Service Agency). During the Popcorn Explosion party in 2010, it was possible to transfer an unlockable version of the PSA Uniform from your Nintendo DS to the Online Game. This allowed Non-members to join the PSA and become Secret Agents, though this was very rare and did not last long.

Once you have your badge, click the spy phone icon on the bottom right of the screen to access HQ (Police Service Agency Headquarters). From there you can complete missions, teleport to other penguins, and more.