How Do You Add Codes to Action Replay DS?

There are a number of different ways to add codes to Action Replay. You can use the software that comes with your system, or you can import the code list from your MicroSD card. Some games do not have all the coding needed for you to get the full experience, but you can make the most of your games by adding the right codes. The software also enables you to see what homebrew applications your system supports.

The first thing to know about the software is that it will automatically detect which games you have on your device. It will give you the option to remove all of them from your list, or simply resubscribe to them. If you have only played one game in a while, it may be a good idea to remove the rest of the coding. This will make the process of resubscribing quicker, and the action replay will be able to load your new games faster.

To use the software, you’ll need to connect your Nintendo DS to a computer with a USB cable. Make sure you’re using a USB port that is free to use, as you can’t actually connect the cartridge directly to the PC.

In addition to letting you add and remove codes, the software is a good way to check for firmware updates, and to see what games are supported by your Action Replay. When you open the software, you’ll see a long column of preloaded codes. A few of these are ‘radio group’ codes that will have to be enabled in order to access them.

The software also has an options screen that allows you to toggle a variety of settings. For instance, you can see how many of the game’s coding have been reloaded, and how much free space is left in the code list. You can also disable recently added codes in the settings to avoid freezing up your system.

Although the Action Replay software may be the best way to add codes to your DS, you can also do the same on your PC. First, you’ll need to download and install the Code Manager software. Next, you’ll need to find the correct drivers. Until Codejunkies releases drivers for Windows Vista, the software will not function on your PC.

The Code Manager is a nifty piece of software that will allow you to build a codelist for your DS, and edit, delete, and resubscribe to the ones you already have. The software even has an option to export your current codelist to a MicroSD card. Once you have the codelist you want, you can drag and drop the file into the window.

Although the software is a nifty piece of kit, some users have had trouble with it. Luckily, Datel has an online customer service portal that can help. Additionally, you can always call Datel to discuss the issue. Getting ahold of a live person can be a real treat, as well as helpful.