How Do Villagers Leave in New Horizons?

Getting unwanted villagers to move out of your town can be one of the hardest things to do in Animal Crossing, and while New Horizons is a little different than past games, there are some ways to get rid of your least favorite villagers.

There are a number of triggers for villagers to leave, but it can be difficult to figure out what is the best way to convince them to stay. Some villagers will only ask to leave after they have been ignored for a long time, while others will just want to go away permanently.

If a villager is walking around with a frustrated cloud emote above their character, it may be a sign that they are considering leaving the island. If you talk to them about their decision, they will usually tell you their thoughts and ask whether or not you think it’s time for them to move out.

They will also give you some feedback about their plans to leave, and usually offer up a two-option response: “Stay” or “Leave.”

Villagers can only think about moving out for a maximum of five days before they begin packing up their items. Then, they will pack up and leave the island on a day of their choosing.

When a villager moves out, they are added to a 16-villager pool that will appear on Main Street, but they cannot be moved back in. They will also start to disappear from the game if they were previously adopted by another player.

The chances of villagers you are close to asking to move out are low, but if they do happen to ask, you can always recommend that they stay by speaking with Isabelle. However, this will not impact the likelihood of them actually wanting to leave in the future.

Similarly to New Leaf, villagers will often mention that they are thinking about moving on. This can be triggered when they’re roaming around with a thought bubble above their head, or by talking to them in a conversation.

This can be a great way to get them off your island, but it’s important to remember that if they want to leave, they will still need your permission.

In most cases, if a villager moves out they are completely new villagers with no memory of their previous life on the island. They don’t even speak about it when they’re randomly encountered or if they’re on a mystery tour island.

They don’t seem to be aware that they have a chance of re-entering the island if they use time travel. The chances of this are a bit higher if they’re a villager that you’ve gotten from an amiibo card or if they’ve been invited to the island by someone else, but the chance is still small.

This can make it a little difficult to get them off your island, but if you’re patient and put in the effort, it’s possible to get any villagers that you don’t like off your island and replace them with someone you do. You can do this either by using Nook Miles Tickets to visit other villagers or by waiting for them to empty their house and let another person take their place.