How Do Vampires Mate With Humans?

Vampires are not as easily able to mate with humans as werewolves. However, there are some instances where vampires mate with humans.

In most cases, it is a mutual agreement between the vampire and the human they want to mate with. The two parties agree to be mated for life. The resulting bond is the most important part of a vampire’s existence, and any attempt on their mate’s life will be met with vicious retribution.

Traditionally, the only way that vampires mate with humans is by draining their blood until they die. This is a very dangerous procedure, as it leaves the vampire vulnerable to being killed. The only exception to this rule is a special breed of pure-blooded vampires who are able to mate with humans and have babies.

A few of these rare breeds are capable of giving birth to babies, and it is also common for them to have twins. These vampires are more powerful and can withstand some sunlight and other things that normally hurt vampires.

These types of vampires are considered “first generation” and are the only ones who can mate with humans directly. They have a shorter lifespan than standard vampires, but they can still live for many years without dying of old age.

Some first-generation vampires can even give birth to babies as well, but they are rare and only happen once in every 330 years of their immortal lives. This is due to the fact that vampires are living dead creatures and not designed for bringing forth new life.

Female vampires can only mate with other first generation vampires, and this mating process is often done using the traditional method of draining their blood until they die. This means that the resulting baby is a first generation vampire as well.

Another exception to this rule is a few rare breeds of “dhampir” which are the result of a union between a vampire and a human. These hybrids are a prime example of Hybrid Power and are believed to be very dangerous.

They were born with a quality gene that allows them to possess certain powers. This power is usually a combination of physical, mental and spiritual abilities.

One of these abilities is the ability to dull emotions; allowing them to kill without remorse. This is a very powerful ability, and they can be very calculating in their killings.

It fades with time, though; some human-vampire hybrids who are over five hundred years old lose it completely.

The same goes for a few other powers such as enhanced senses, healing, speed and strength. They can eat blood from other vampires, and some are even able to teleport themselves.

Some human-vampire hybrids are able to control their emotions, as they can switch off their ability to feel fear and guilt; this gives them an edge over other humans in battle as they have no qualms about killing, going against anyone or being without feelings of sadness or depression.