How Do Positive Role Models Affect Us?

Positive role models boost young people’s motivation by guiding them toward strategies for achieving their goals. They also inspire youngsters to persist in their efforts and achieve success, even when they face adversity.

Having a role model who shows you the way to succeed can be a huge benefit for you in life, whether it’s a person from your family or someone you meet through a hobby or club. Having a good role model can improve your self-confidence, reduce your risk of addictions and other negative behaviors, and help you to be more successful at school and in the workplace.

Role models are important in every area of life, but they’re especially essential for young people. They can be anyone from a parent, friend or celebrity who sets a positive example for children to follow.

The most positive role models are those who demonstrate an optimistic outlook on life. They see the good in all situations, and they strive to see the best in others.

They’re confident in their abilities and they have a strong sense of self-worth. They don’t expect everything to come to them, but they do work hard and try to give credit where it’s due.

In addition, they are compassionate towards others and show a willingness to lend a hand in times of need. Ideally, these people are also in leadership positions and can guide their team members with a clear direction and an encouraging spirit.

Other qualities of role models include moral integrity and a commitment to excellence. They are honest with their employers and employees, and they uphold the company’s standards of conduct. They are respectful and cooperative, and they don’t gossip or spread rumors.

It’s also a good idea to choose role models who have achieved the results you want. For example, if you’re hoping to become an Olympic athlete, choose a sports hero who has achieved a high-level of excellence in his or her sport.

Another good choice is an author, a politician or a leader in the arts. These role models can be a great resource when you’re trying to find your way in a new field, or if you’re looking for inspiration in how to change the world.

Role models also can be helpful in shaping a child’s perspective on issues that may be difficult to understand at first. For example, if your child is struggling to understand the racial divide in your society, it’s probably worth considering role models that are racially diverse or who have been successful in overcoming adversity.

Similarly, if your child is in the midst of developing their values and beliefs, they might be inspired by role models who live those values to a tee. For example, a child who admires a community organizer who has worked to improve the lives of those in poverty will be more likely to take on that cause in their own life.

Choosing a role model is a personal decision, but it’s one that will have long-term effects on your children. For example, studies have shown that adolescents who identify a positive role model have better grades, less problematic behavior, and greater self-esteem than those who do not.