How Do I Use Apple ID Credit For In App Purchases?

Apple ID credit can be used to purchase games, apps, music albums, movies and books – as well as subscription services such as Apple Arcade and TV+ subscriptions – as well as upgrading iCloud storage space.

In-app purchases can be an economical way to expand your collection without breaking the bank. To use a gift card for in-app purchases, just launch the App Store, tap your photo or profile icon, and enter its code.

App Store

The App Store is an invaluable source for discovering new apps for your iPad. Offering premium applications designed to extend and maximize its capabilities, such as smart home, kid entertainment or photo editor applications – you’re sure to find everything here! You can even purchase subscriptions to these applications for additional features!

Apple gift cards can be used to pay for apps, games, music, movies, TV shows and books; you can even use it to buy iCloud storage which starts at 5GB free and upgrades up to 50GB at 99 cents or 200GB for $2.99 monthly if necessary. Apple gift cards can be found both in iTunes Store on computer as well as smartphone or iPad.

To redeem a gift card on iOS devices, open the App Store and tap your profile icon at the top. Tap “Redeem Gift Card or Code,” enter a 16-digit code into “Add a Card”, and add the balance of the gift card directly into your account balance. Alternatively, add it as part of your payment methods by tapping “Add Card.”

An App Store or iTunes gift card may be used to purchase in-app purchases, but cannot be used to set up recurring payments through your mobile provider. You can manage the billing information associated with your account in Settings on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well as Apple ID Settings on Mac or PC devices.

iBooks Store

Utilizing gift cards on an iPad is straightforward. Simply add them to your payment options in the App Store – be it credit, PayPal or Apple Pay; an iTunes card could even work! Depending on which app it is being used with, either manually enter its code manually or use its “Use Camera” feature to scan its barcode.

Redeeming an App Store or iTunes gift card applies its value directly to your Apple ID balance and can then be used to buy movies, TV shows, games, apps, music and books in both stores as well as third-party subscription services like Apple Arcade, News+ or iCloud Storage.

App Store and iTunes cards typically come in blue color with light-blue waves on their front side and an 16-digit redemption code starting with “X.” They also display their redemption codes on the reverse of each card for easy reference. You can purchase these cards through either Music app on Mac computer, App Store on iPhone/iPad device, retail stores and many online sites.

To keep track of your purchases, iCloud website or iTunes software on your computer can provide an order history which you can access at any time. This feature is ideal if you need to prove a purchase for tax or client invoicing purposes or report an issue with content purchased through either service. It also gives an opportunity for quick resolution when there is any discrepancies in apps or content purchased from vendors.

Music Store

Your iTunes gift card gives you access to music, apps, books and other content available on Apple Music’s Music Store. You can apply its value towards your Apple ID and spend it however you wish; even subscriber subscriptions.

To redeem a card, open the Music app on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 9. Alternatively, this process can also be accomplished through the App Store on either Mac or PC. Navigating to For You tab, and selecting profile icon at top-right corner. From there you have two options – scanning your code using camera or manually inputting.

Once the code has been redeemed, your Music Store account balance will reflect any credits awarded from redeeming it. If you already subscribe to Apple Music, these credits will extend its current term by the number of months specified on the card; otherwise they’ll go towards purchasing a monthly plan instead.

Apple Music gift cards cannot be used to pay for third-party apps like Netflix and Spotify; their policy ensures that customers only spend their money on services they subscribed to.

Apple still sells iTunes prepaid cards at hundreds of retail locations, as well as online. Each card comes with an allotted credit which can be redeemed through iTunes software on PC and directly in Music Store on iPhone.

Movies Store

If you subscribe to Apple TV+, your credits can be used to buy movies or TV shows and will be added directly to your library for instantaneous streaming. Even without subscription, Apple ID credits can still be used to purchase content from the Movies Store; just ensure In-app Purchases is set to Allow via Settings > iTunes & App Store (if it’s not already) before proceeding.

If you are unhappy with a purchase you made from the App Store, Apple provides refunds through their refund program. In order to qualify, however, you must own an iPhone and have at least one other payment method registered to your Apple ID; you can change them at their website.

Utilizing Apple ID credit to purchase music, apps and books is a convenient way to save money when shopping digital media. Your Apple ID credit can even be used as part of the subscription fee for Apple Music or TV; just make sure your card or other method of payment remains on file so as not to run out.

Apple provides refund requests directly through their central website(Opens in new window), which you can access on an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Depending on the reason behind your refund request you may be directed to another site to handle it.

TV Store

Apple TV provides access to a wealth of movies, shows and applications you can download. Some apps require in-app purchases that unlock features; purchasing through your Apple Store credit is an effective way of doing this. If you experience difficulty making purchases for any reason (technical glitches or expired credit card) customer support should be contacted in order to resolve it quickly.

If you’re having difficulty making purchases in the App Store, iTunes Store, or iBooks Store on your iPad, redeeming an iTunes gift card may help. Once redeemed it will be applied directly to your account so you can use its value towards purchases such as apps or iCloud storage services.

Apple Store credit can also be used to purchase apps and games from the App Store on iPad and iPhone, music, books, movies and TV shows from iTunes Store and even balance transfers between Mac PC.

If you’re having difficulty making purchases on your iPad, updating its software or changing security settings might help. If you’re having difficulties signing in to your Apple ID account, try signing out and signing back in. Signing in using different email addresses or changing passwords might also work. For assistance over the phone or online contact Apple Support; they are here to assist!