How Do I Turn On Star Power On My Mic?

There are three things you need to do to turn on star power on your mic. The first is to have a good stage presence, the second is to use your microphone well, and the third is to connect with the crowd. Once you have these things down, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a rock star!

Star Power in Guitar Hero and Warriors of Rock

In the original 3 Guitar Hero games (as well as the PS2-only spinoff “Rocks the 80s”), star power was obtained by nailing consecutive notes. After doing this, the player could activate it by tilting the guitar controller upwards, just like in drums.

When star power is active, all of the notes in the song are played with a glow and all the instruments sound blue, boosting your multiplier to twice as much. It also raises the crowd meter and increases your score faster than normal.

It was also possible to gain star power by hitting a sequence of standard notes, with the usual glow, or by singing phrases perfectly and obtaining “solid” or “excellent” ratings. In Guitar Hero 5, however, not all notes grant star power and hypes no longer appear.

Activating Star Power in Guitar Hero World Tour

In Guitar Hero World Tour, star power can be used with the new microphone and drumset. The orange and yellow cymbals on the drum kit need to be hit simultaneously, and any notes missed while using star power will auto-play and do not reduce your multiplier.

Similarly, in Drum Hero, star power can be used with the drum kit by hitting both the yellow and orange pads at once, the same as in Guitar Hero.

If your mic has a power lock, you can turn it on by placing a piece of gaff tape or medical tape over the switch. This will keep it on, even if you accidentally bump the switch off.

It may also be necessary to reset your game or recalibrator to ensure that the star power meter is fully filled. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, it’s likely that there is a hardware issue with your console or controller. If you’re still having problems, try a different microphone.