How Do I Turn a Picture Into a Drawing App?

Photo to drawing apps are an incredible way to transform photographs into stunning works of art. These applications offer various sketch and drawing effects that make your pictures appear as though they were created by professional artists.

Your options for drawing and painting filters include pencil, watercolor, ink, charcoal pastel and oil paintings. Most apps allow you to adjust the strength of each effect so it doesn’t overshadow your image.


CyberLink PhotoDirector is an easy-to-use yet powerful photo editor, featuring standard editing tools as well as fun effects and advanced features to meet the needs of both novice photographers and experienced ones. Available for one off purchase or subscription – which provides access to Shutterstock/Getty images libraries as well as 50GB storage.

The user interface is straightforward and uncluttered, with a modern dark theme to help you focus on the image you’re working on. Starting in the Library module you can manage and store images to albums – which act like folders for different projects – before selecting an image either in thumbnail form in the Library or as full screen preview in the Edit module.

AI Style Transfer, which adds a painterly effect to photos, is one of the main draws here. It’s very quick and simple to use; simply select which subject or background needs the effect and it will apply accordingly. While replicating this effect in Photoshop would be difficult, AI Style Transfer adds dimension to images by making them really stand out; plus there are animation effects available which allow your still photographs become short videos!


Prisma is an app designed to convert photos into paintings or drawings quickly and effortlessly, using artificial intelligence. Available for Android phones and iPhones, this tool offers over 500 artistic styles for users to choose from and can transform images quickly into artworks.

Prisma photo to painting app allows users to take an existing photograph or select from their gallery and transform it using one of many special effects available, ranging from blobby impressionism and Picassoesque abstraction to mangalike cartoons and mangalike art styles.

Once they’ve chosen their style, users can adjust the intensity of its effects by swiping left or right on a swipe bar – this allows them to achieve more subtle images with their finished art work. Furthermore, Instagram or Facebook integration makes sharing of finished pieces simple.

Prisma Picture to Drawing App uses a neural style transfer algorithm developed from research presented at Neural Information Processing Systems 2015 conference.

Prisma can make any photo into an artistic work in just moments, producing crisp images free of distortion or blurriness that would take much longer to create manually. Furthermore, its software can add details that would otherwise be impossible to add manually.

This app is easy to use and suitable for everyone – no sign-up or linking required! While the storage requirements might be restrictive for those with limited phone space, this tool makes your photos appear like sketches or paintings!


This free picture-editing app transforms your photos into cartoons and caricatures using eight filters, as well as offering cropping and deformation tools, cropping controls and deformation options and the option to combine a photo with pencil outline – creating fun cartoon images to share!

Clip2Comic for iOS and Android makes video clips into high-quality cartoons quickly and effortlessly, and is easy to use. Not only is it lightweight and does not take up much storage space; moreover, this ad-free app makes an impressionful statement about itself!

Brushstroke is another incredible drawing app that transforms photos into paintings, using styles inspired by famous painters to transform photos into works of art. Available on iOS devices only, this iPhone app boasts an array of painting styles reminiscent of them all as well as its unique feature that lets users order canvas prints directly through the app – perfect for turning memories into works of art!

Clip2Comic’s counterpart, ToonApp, allows users to transform themselves and others into humorous caricatures through deformation tools. Furthermore, this app is great for sharing funny videos online via social media.

This app includes other photo editing tools, including cropping, blending modes, and blurring effects. In addition, density settings, line thickness settings, stroke thickness settings and adding vignettes or filters allow for the creation of high-resolution images suitable for printing or posting online – perfect as posters calendars greeting cards!


The top photo to painting apps provide users with various filters and styles, which work better for landscape photos than portraits or still life images. Some even offer video painting styles too! All these fantastic effects give the appearance that your photos were painted by an experienced artist!

PaintCan is one of the leading photo to drawing converters, thanks to its user-friendly approach that lets you select where your brushes should be applied on an image. This gives a personalized feel while making professional looks easier to achieve. However, this app requires internet connectivity for use.

BeFunky is an excellent option for users who wish to transform photos into paintings, providing a comprehensive set of features that is user-friendly. However, finding the photo-to-painting section may prove challenging due to being located under its own tab on the site; nevertheless, this program remains free but includes several paid options should users not be satisfied with its standard capabilities.

This app boasts over 2000 art filters and 90 sketch filters that will add that classic pencil-drawn look to your images. While the free version only comes equipped with a select set, more can be purchased weekly, monthly, or annually through subscription packages.

This app stands out from its counterparts on this list as it allows for customizability in terms of text and filters, including custom fonts and sizes, text alignment and alignment options, masking certain areas in an image and double exposure effects, plus advanced editing tools like masking. Plus it supports various formats on both Android and iOS devices for seamless use!

Photo Sketch Maker

Photo Sketch Maker is an app that lets users quickly turn photos into sketches, drawings, and paintings with its variety of effects and user-friendly design. Simply select an image from your gallery or capture one with the camera before applying a drawing style and saving your creation when complete.

This app offers various artistic effects, such as pencil, pen and ink, charcoal pastel, pastel and crayon effects. There is also a double exposure effect which creates surreal iPhone art! In addition, writing, typing and doodling tools add additional creative elements to your images.

This free online photo-to-sketch converter makes converting photos to drawings easy in just three steps: upload an image, select a drawing mode and adjust contrast and density of lines; save locally processed results as an image file; unfortunately this program doesn’t permit editing the original photo itself which may require expert knowledge for optimal results.

This free iOS and Android app is an excellent solution for people who want to turn their photos into pencil drawings. Offering over 100 sketch filters, you can select the ideal style for any special event or just certain parts of a photo that you wish to transform. Select only certain parts for transformation into sketches for even greater realism in portraiture or more detailed landscape photography, cartoon or comic sketches can even be created! Besides offering this versatile platform with multiple colors and brushes to customize creations according to personal taste!