How Do I Trust My Boyfriend With Female Friends? 6 Ways to Avoid Jealousy in a Relationship

If your boyfriend has a female friend, it may cause you to have feelings of jealousy. While it’s normal to feel a little uncomfortable about the relationship, if it becomes too much, you should talk to your boyfriend and explain how it’s impacting your relationship.

1. Trust him.

When you feel comfortable with your boyfriend, it’s important to believe him and trust that he’ll be faithful to you. A relationship doesn’t work if one partner doesn’t trust the other. You should have a good amount of trust in your boyfriend so that you can discuss any issues with him without fear of them being misinterpreted or ignored.

2. Don’t trust him.

If you feel like your boyfriend has a bad track record when it comes to dealing with women, you should be aware of his friends and their relationships with others. This could be a sign that he’s not as trustworthy as you think, and it could be an indicator that you’re not the right person for him.

3. Don’t tell him everything.

It’s easy to get over-protective in a relationship, and it can be difficult to know where your boundaries are. If you find out that your boyfriend hides details about his friendships with other people, this can be a sign that there’s more going on than you realize.

4. Don’t take this personally.

If you feel that your boyfriend’s friend is trying to get you down or is in a bad relationship with her, don’t take it personally. You should be happy that he’s a good guy who cares about her, but it’s not a good idea to start making assumptions about what her life is like.

5. Don’t be jealous.

If your boyfriend’s female friend is constantly comparing him to other guys, that can be a red flag. Rather than being jealous of your guy’s friendships with other girls, try to focus on what you have in common with him and his friends.

6. Don’t make a big deal about it.

When it comes to your relationship, you’re the priority. If your boyfriend makes a big deal about the fact that his female friend has a bad date, you can bet he’s not the type of person who cares about you. If he’s a genuinely nice guy, he’ll run off and help her if she needs it.

7. Set clear boundaries with his female friends.

In any relationship, there should be some rules that you both agree on. If he’s spending time with his female friend while you’re out, he should respect that you want to spend the entire night with him. This includes having dinner together and avoiding texting or talking on the phone while you’re together.

8. Set boundaries with his girlfriends.

If your relationship is already stressful and it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep things calm, setting boundaries with his girlfriends can be a great way to ease the tension. For instance, if you have a special date planned and he wants to spend it with his girlfriend, he should make sure that she doesn’t interrupt it with texting or talking on the phone.