How Do I Remove My Email Address From Facebook Mobile and Web Apps?

In the name of convenience, Facebook often remembers your email address in order to seamlessly log you into your account whenever you open it. However, this can become a real pain when you’re using your account from a public computer or even worse, someone else’s device. Thankfully, there is a way to remove remembered email addresses in both the Facebook mobile app and the web.

In May 2022, Facebook quietly rolled out a new tool that allows you to remove your contact info from all of the company’s apps. To do so, simply visit this page and select whether you want to remove your phone number, email address, or both. The tool will then ask you to verify your identity by requesting a confirmation code from the source of the information you want to remove.

After submitting the requested code, you’ll be able to remove your info from all of the company’s apps and services at once. This will prevent anyone from accessing your personal or private info and potentially using it against you.

Adding a new email address is as simple as changing your primary one on the General Account Settings page. To add an email, click the downward-facing arrow in the upper right corner of your screen and select “Settings & Privacy” or just “Settings.” Then, go to the “Contact” section and select “Add another email or mobile number.” Enter your new email address, then select Add and close the pop-up window. You’ll need to have a working email address attached to your Facebook account in order to receive notifications and other important messages.

Once you’ve added your new email address, make it your primary address by selecting the three dots next to it and choosing “Make Primary.” Then, in the General Account Settings menu, click on “Edit” beside any emails that aren’t your primary. You’ll find the “Remove” button next to those emails, which will allow you to delete them from your account.

Updating your primary email is just as easy on the Facebook mobile app. To do so, click the downward-facing arrow in your mobile app’s home screen and select “Settings.” Then, scroll down and tap “Contact.” Click the “Add email or mobile number” option to add an email address. Once you’ve added an email, be sure to check it to make sure the information is accurate and up-to-date.

Keeping your contact information up to date is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. It also helps ensure that you’re receiving all of the important messages, like birthday reminders and other updates, that Facebook sends out to its users. In case you ever lose or change your email address, don’t worry—you can easily update it on Facebook from both the mobile app and the desktop version of the website. Just be sure to keep your password and recovery email up to date so that you don’t lose access to your account in the event of a security breach.