How Do I Remove Edit From a Photo?

Yes, editing out edits from photos is certainly possible. The easiest way is with the help of photo-editing software available today (many free ones exist); or alternatively using software designed specifically to restore images.

Use an online photo-editing program to remove objects such as power lines or unwanted people from your photos easily and conveniently on any device. These programs offer intuitive functionality with simple navigation capabilities for effortless editing.

Object Removal Tool

But even the best-taken photos may still be marred by minor imperfections that mar the image – dust on the lens, powerlines in the background or an unsightly garbage bin spoiling the atmosphere of a photo are all factors which could ruin it completely.

The Object Removal Tool can help you remove any undesirable elements from your photos easily and effortlessly. Its concept is straightforward – cloning any object or person you want to eliminate with pixels from its surroundings until the desired object or person becomes undetectable and natural in appearance; and best of all – no experience is needed to use it effectively!

To use it, first select the image you’d like to edit, and use the Pen tool to draw a path around elements you wish to remove before turning them into selections with Freehand Selection Tool. Finally, switch over to Clone tool and use it to paint over them – remembering to adjust opacity and feather settings of Clone tool as necessary for optimal results.

Apart from its object removal capabilities, this app also helps remove text from images – providing an efficient way to enhance their look without spending hours writing them yourself! Simply run this program over any picture with text in it and erase or replace any parts as you choose – creating more professional-looking pictures in no time at all!

Simple to use and features an intuitive user interface for quick photo editing, Fotor is also lightweight enough to run on any mobile device and is great for those without extensive Photoshop knowledge who prefer intuitive editors.

Pixomatic is an impressive photo editor that can remove objects such as dark spots from shadows or shades in just seconds, even watermarks or timestamps from photos in seconds. Plus, this app is available across PC, Mac and online — perfect for editing portraits, landscapes and wedding pictures alike.

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is an intuitive app for editing photographs. Featuring an intuitive user-interface and numerous features – including a person removal tool which lets users remove unwanted subjects from images, as well as various filters and effects – YouCam Perfect also enables users to restore edited or lost pictures, recover deleted ones from computers or mobile devices, as well as recover photos that were accidentally erased by using various data recovery software programs.

YouCam Perfect is available free for iOS and Android devices. Once installed, it will appear in your Applications folder and can then be used by opening it and selecting an image to edit. When done so, an interface toolbar appears at the bottom of your screen where you can navigate directly to “Removal”. When selected, simply draw around areas you wish to delete using your finger to begin editing – YouCam Perfect will take over and process and replace them with one of your choosing automatically!

YouCam Perfect can also be used to remove watermarks and timestamps from photos, as well as stain removal for clothing. Parents whose children take selfies frequently may find this app invaluable – although, as it does not contain content restrictions, you should disable in-app purchases on your child’s device to limit in-app purchases and protect their safety.

Note that this app doesn’t work on all photos, but can be particularly effective at removing objects or people from landscapes and other types of photography. In addition, it can remove dust and scratches from photographs as well as add blur effects. Plus it comes equipped with stickers to enhance photos further!

YouCam Perfect is an outstanding photo editing app that continues to innovate and develop new ways for photographers to edit photos. Some of its latest features include Kaleidoscope animation and light ray effects; advanced face relight, color replacement, and body retouching tools make editing photos simple for photographers.


TouchRetouch is the ideal mobile app to remove photobombers or unwanted objects from photos without affecting the overall image quality. Plus, this free mobile app features tools to help create perfect shots!

The Object Removal tool is an effective way to easily delete things like wires, garbage cans and cars from photos. Simply select an object you wish to delete and draw a circle around it; the application will detect and erase it automatically from your photo. In addition to that, this tool features selection brush and lasso tools so you can customize its removal process as needed, as well as an “object loupe” which displays an obscured circle so it is easier for you to select the proper object.

Quick Repair tool can also be an extremely valuable asset. This feature can help fix various types of damage to images such as stains, scratches and smudges, while its Clone Stamp feature allows you to manually replace damaged portions with similar looking parts from another part of the picture – especially handy if your portrait has been marred by loose hair or dust particles.

Use the Line Removal tool to quickly and easily erase unwanted lines such as power lines or cables from an image. Just select and draw over it with your finger – the app will recognize and mask it green for you! Moreover, the slider at the bottom of your screen allows you to control how thick or thin each line should be.

TouchRetouch is available for iOS and Android devices, boasting an outstanding customer rating. It is an effective tool for quickly removing objects from photos that you no longer want – although not every image may work; multiple attempts may be necessary before reaching desired results.


Do you have an idyllic photo that has been marred by an annoying tourist? With Inpaint, you can quickly and efficiently remove them without resorting to Photoshop. This software uses content-aware technology to detect objects in the background and effectively eliminate them – an indispensable tool for photographers looking to improve their photos without spending hours editing each shot individually.

To use Inpaint, upload a photo and select the area to erase. Next, mark this area using either your finger or stylus – the red line represents what will be erased; size adjustment of the marker can be made using clicks; it can even match background colors! When ready, click “Erase”, which will replace selected pixels with pixels from surrounding pixels in order to achieve a natural-looking outcome.

Inpaint’s user-friendly interface and results often surpass those achieved using Photoshop’s clone tool, making Inpaint one of the premier image-editing applications available today. Inpaint supports images of any size, and often provides superior results than its rival. Furthermore, Inpaint can remove watermarks, logos, text, or any unwanted objects from images for you!

Inpaint can also help remove date stamps from photos taken at events that have been combined into panoramas, while its shadow removal capability far outshines Photoshop’s clone tool. Unfortunately, however, Inpaint may be more expensive if purchasing its full version.

PhotoWorks, a free image-editing app, can also help remove objects from a photo online quickly and effortlessly. The application offers high-quality results while being user friendly – even removing people’s wrinkles to make them look younger! Furthermore, RAW files support makes this an excellent choice for photographers wanting to edit on the go – especially landscape photographers shooting in low light conditions!