How Do I Remove an Authorized Computer From iTunes?

By authorizing a computer with iTunes, you allow it access to all the music, movies, TV shows, apps, books and other content held within your Apple ID library. This helps safeguard against theft if the computer should ever become lost or stolen.

Deauthorize computers using iTunes by going into the ‘Account’ area and choosing to ‘Deauthorize This Computer’.

Deauthorize this computer

If you have purchased music, movies or TV shows from iTunes Store, it is essential that you keep an eye on how many computers are authorized to play them. Once you exceed five computers authorized for playing your content on different machines, iTunes will issue an error message; to prevent this happening you can deauthorize one computer which will immediately stop iTunes from playing any content on that machine and revoke their authorization preventing further playback by iTunes. You can reset this number of authorized computers by logging into your account and clicking Store menu.

Log into your Apple ID on the computer you wish to deauthorize and navigate to iTunes Store menu; select Deauthorize This Computer option; enter password; once complete, restart computer and reauthorize.

Log into your iTunes account and navigate to the Account Information page. In the Apple ID Summary section, the number of computers currently authorized to access iTunes will be listed; clicking “Deauthorize All” in the lower right-hand corner will allow you to deauthorize them all at once – however this process could take up to several seconds depending on their computer specifications.

Deauthorize an individual computer by opening iTunes on that machine and going to Account View My Account Authorizations De-Authorize This Computer. This option can be useful if you’ve sold or otherwise no longer need your previous computer; or want to clear some space on current machine. It will remove any paid content purchased from iTunes Store that was on it from being accessible when logging on another computer; any music purchased from previous computers won’t play anymore when using iTunes from different computers – making keeping track of how many authorized computers there are and deauthorizing them when no longer needed is essential!

Reauthorize this computer

If you use iTunes or Apple Music on a computer that has not been associated with your account, an error message may inform you: “This computer isn’t authorized to play this content.” To address this problem easily and efficiently, deauthorizing and then reauthorizing both machines from within iTunes/Apple Music’s Account menu.

Your Apple ID allows you to certify up to five computers, giving access to music, movies and other digital content on each. However, if a particular machine is no longer being used it’s essential that it be removed from iTunes as this will free up space for another one and prevent anyone else from gaining access to your paid content.

To do this, launch iTunes and sign in with your Apple ID. From there, head to the Account menu and choose “Deauthorize This Computer”; this will revoke its ability to play your purchases and can only be done once every 12 months.

If this error appears on another computer, try rebooting and deleting all files from it before checking your date and time settings. If this doesn’t help, reach out to Apple support for assistance.

Your Apple ID may authorize more than five computers at any given time if you are upgrading older computers or selling them, which can happen if you are replacing older models or selling them off. To find out the current authorization status for each Apple ID account, navigate to iTunes Account menu > View Your Account, select Computer Authorizations from bottom section under Summary > Summary Summary then check “View Your Account Summary.”

If your Apple ID includes more than five computers, deauthorizing some will free up room for newer ones. Alternatively, all computers on it at once can be deauthorized by going into iTunes’ Account menu and choosing View Your Account before scrolling down to Apple ID Summary section and selecting Deauthorize All button – then simply reauthorizing each device that needs using again!

Deauthorize all computers

iTunes supports up to five computers at one time, giving each access to all your music, movies and other content. If this number exceeds, iTunes will give an error message instead. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to address this problem. One possibility could be a third-party security program interfering with iTunes; to remedy this situation, uninstall or disable it immediately. A second approach would be deauthorizing all computers currently authorized before reauthorizing them; finally, check your number of authorizations using iTunes Store app’s Account Information screen – this will show how many computers are currently authorized and provide an easy Deauthorize All button right next to them.

iTunes media protected with DRM requires authorization on each computer in order to play, such as movies, TV shows, podcasts, music, audiobooks and apps. Without authorization from Apple, iTunes will not recognize your PC and won’t let you download or play any media on it. To avoid this problem make sure that no more than five computers are being used at once and always deauthorize them before disposing of or reinstalling Windows on them.

If you store music and other digital media across multiple computers, it may be beneficial to deauthorize computers that are no longer being used – this allows space for new downloads while enabling other devices access your purchased content. Deauthorizing computers before selling or giving them away is particularly crucial.

Visit iTunes Store on a Mac or PC and click “Account” from the menu bar, followed by “View My Account” to enter your Apple ID and password, then “Deauthorize All.” On the “Apple ID Summary” screen, you can see how many computers are authorized and click “Deauthorize All” to reset them all back to zero; you may only use this feature once per year; alternatively you can deauthorize a single computer by going directly into “Store” in Apple ID menu bar and choosing “Deauthorize This Computer” as this will only revoke permissions for a single machine rather than all computers associated with it.

Reauthorize all computers

Error message “Your Computer Is Unauthorized to Play Content from iTunes” could indicate too many devices have been authorized with your Apple ID account, with iTunes Store keeping track of which computers you’re currently using. To fix the issue and add another computer, one computer needs to be deauthorized first before another can be added; follow these steps which should work both for iTunes 12 and the Music app that replaced it on Macs in 2019:

How Can You Remove Authorized Computers from iTunes? The process for deauthorizing an authorized computer from iTunes is relatively straightforward. Simply launch iTunes on the computer in question, navigate through Account > Authorizations > Deauthorize This Computer and enter your Apple ID password when asked for authentication. Alternatively, this same menu can also be accessed on iTunes website by selecting ‘View My Accounts’ then “Apple ID Summary” button.

Before selling or giving away a computer, always deauthorize it first to stop other people accessing your media files such as music and photos. Deauthorizing also is recommended before upgrading its hardware components, since failing to do so might count as multiple authorizations if reinstalling Windows or adding RAM or hard drives counts as multiple authorizations on its old machine.

If your Apple ID has too many computer authorizations, space for downloading music and movies may become limited and frustrate productivity; understanding how to deal with this problem is crucial for productivity and business efficiency.

Deauthorize all computers from the Account Information page to free up one of your five authorizations if you have sold or given away one in the past and forgot to deauthorize it before disposing of it. The process is easy and can be performed from any computer that has iTunes installed.