How Do I Get My PS3 to Recognize My Android Phone?

As a PlayStation 3 user, you may be interested in connecting your Android phone to your PS3 to play video games or access media files. The PS3 has a USB port that you can use to connect external devices, such as thumbdrives and mobile phones. However, connecting your phone to the console requires some additional setup steps. You must first prepare the controller for Bluetooth connectivity by using a PC tool or the PlayStation 3’s official USB driver. You can then connect the controller to your Android phone over a wired connection or via Bluetooth, depending on your preference.

Unless your controller is a DualShock 4 model, it will not have Bluetooth functionality. This is because the original PS3 controllers were designed to connect only to the console itself, and it is not compatible with third-party Bluetooth devices like smartphones or tablets. You can still connect your Android smartphone to your PS3 over a USB cable, but the process will take more time than connecting it wirelessly.

The PS3 can recognize most mobile phones when they are connected in USB mode. The console will display an icon for the removable device, and you can browse the media files on your phone. In addition, you can use your PS3 controller to navigate the Android’s touchscreen to select and play games.

If your phone is not recognized by the console, you can try to enable Bluetooth on your Android device or change its USB file system to MTP. The MTP file system will allow your Android device to appear as a storage device on the console.

You can also connect your Android phone to the PS3 over Bluetooth by using an adapter cable. The cable is available online or at some retail stores. The small end of the adapter cable fits into the USB port on your Android. The other end of the cable has a standard USB connector that you can plug into your PlayStation 3’s headphone jack or USB port.

The Sixaxis Controller app for Android can help you get your PS3 to recognize your Android smartphone or tablet. The free Sixaxis Compatibility Checker app, available in the Google Play Store, can tell you whether your controller is compatible with the Sixaxis Controller app. If the app is compatible with your phone, you can purchase the app and follow the directions to pair your devices.

Before purchasing the Sixaxis Controller app, you should root your Android phone. This is a process that violates most phone companies’ terms of service and voids your warranty. If you are not comfortable performing this task, you should consult a professional before continuing.

Once you have rooted your Android, install the Sixaxis Controller app. Open the Play Store app and enter “sixaxis controller” to search for it. Once the results populate, tap the Sixaxis Controller app icon. Tap BUY in the Sixaxis Controller window. Follow the app’s payment instructions to complete your purchase.

Once the app is installed on your Android, launch it. It will do a compatibility check and give you the controller’s Bluetooth address. Write down this address and keep it on hand.