How Do I Find Old Messages on Windows Live Messenger?

MSN Messenger, then known as Windows Live Messenger, was one of the first instant messaging programs to come to prominence. This IM client was created by Microsoft in 1999 and it grew to become a wildly popular program with an estimated 275 million users worldwide.

Throughout the years, MSN Messenger has changed and improved, allowing you to connect with your friends, family or colleagues using a variety of features, including smileys, video chats, voice messages, games and more. However, in 2013 when Microsoft acquired Skype and merged it with their IM service, they decided that they would not be able to continue to support their MSN Messenger product, and they discontinued the program altogether.

How do I find old messages on windows live messenger?

If you have a large number of old messages, it can be difficult to sort through them. The Windows Live Messenger client has a feature called “word wheeling” that lets you search through up to 600 contacts in your buddy list by using the first letter or two of each contact’s name. It also lets you “speed dial” the names of your contacts, so you can look up birthdays or phone numbers quickly.

The client is free to download and install and can be used on a computer or a handheld device running a supported operating system. It supports instant messaging, asynchronous messaging (SMS), and group chats. It supports a wide variety of file types, including Word documents, spreadsheets, images, slide presentations, videos and other media.

You can add contacts to your account by sending them an IM message. You can also use the “Add a Buddy” button on the main screen to add a contact to your Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Instant Messenger buddy list.

Aside from sending a message, you can chat to your contacts using voice messaging, texting or webcams. You can also send audio clips, pictures and emoticons to your contacts using the Windows Live Messenger service.

With your Windows Live Messenger account you can use other Microsoft’s online services such as Xbox Live, Flickr, Facebook and YouTube. It also allows you to access your Hotmail account and view your chat history.

You can also contribute to a cause while chatting with your friends in Microsoft’s i’m initiative. Adding a code for your favorite cause to the end of your name will make your IM conversations more meaningful and fun.

The i’m initiative is a new way to support your favorite causes while you IM. When you IM, your name will have a special text code next to it, which will be displayed along with the cause’s logo and text.

Once you have signed up, you can access the i’m initiative through the Windows Live Messenger client by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of the conversation window. You can also sign in through a browser by going to i’ and clicking the “Sign in” link.

The Windows Live Messenger client has a wide range of features and functions, but it is most popular for its ability to connect with a wide variety of social networking sites and games. You can also use the “offline” messaging feature to send a message to a friend who’s offline, so that they can receive it when they come online.