How Do I Edit My Skype Profile?

Skype is a popular telecommunications tool that allows users to make both domestic and international audio and video calls. The app also has several features that allow you to customize your account, including the option to add a profile picture. This can help other users identify you when contacting you and will appear whenever you send or receive a friend request.

You can change your Skype display name at any time. This will only change your name on Skype; it does not affect your username or Microsoft account name, which is linked to your email address and can’t be changed. To change your Skype name, sign in to Skype and click the ‘Edit’ button next to your name. Then, type in your new name and click the tick to save your changes. To change your Skype name on a mobile device, launch the Skype app and tap the profile icon at the top of the screen. Then, tap the ‘Skype profile’ icon and click the ‘Edit’ button next your name.

When you change your Skype name, it will only appear on the device where you made the change. If you want to change your Skype name across all devices, you will need to create a new account on each device.

Changing Your Skype Name On Android and iOS

To change your Skype name on Android or iOS, you will need to download the latest version of the Skype app and log in with your credentials. Once logged in, you will see your profile picture at the top of the app. Click the pencil icon beside your display name and make the necessary changes. Then, click the checkmark to save your changes.

If you’re using a business account on Skype, you may not be able to change your profile picture or name. This is because business accounts are managed by an IT department, which often assigns employees a specific account and name. If you’re having trouble with your business account, you should contact your employer or IT team to resolve the issue.

Changing Your Skype Name On Desktop

If your computer is running Windows, you can change your Skype name by clicking on the profile image or display name in the upper left of the screen. Then, select ‘Edit’ and enter your desired name into the text box. Once you’ve finished, click the ‘Check’ button to confirm your new name.

The process to change your Skype name on a Mac is similar. You will need to open the Skype app, select your profile image or display name, and click on ‘Edit’ to change your name. You’ll also need to use the same method on your mobile devices to change your Skype name. This is important because you might be contacted on different platforms by people with the same Skype name. By ensuring that you have the correct information on all of your devices, you can avoid confusion and make sure that you get the message you intend to send.