How Do I Cite a Video Game in APA?

When referencing video games in academic writing, the format of the citation can differ depending on whether it is being used in-text or in the reference list. If cited in-text, the game title should be written in italics followed by the developer and year. In the case of the reference list, the full details of the video game should be included. If you are unsure about the formatting, it is best to consult your instructor.

The way in which a video game is cited can also vary according to the platform and device used to play it. For example, electronic games are usually published on CD/DVD or downloaded from the Internet. Board games are often published in the form of books. Both types of media should be cited according to the rules for their respective formats.

For video games played on a computer, the format of a citation should follow APA guidelines. When the game is accessed online, the URL should be included in the citation. This will ensure that the information can be traced back to its source. If the URL is not available, the citation should include the name of the video game, the producer, and the date of release.

If the video game is played on a console or dedicated gaming machine, a citation should follow MLA guidelines. When citing a console or dedicated gaming machine, the citation should include the platform and version number of the game. When a game is played on more than one system, the citation should include the platforms that the game is compatible with.

When citing an electronic game, the name of the developer should be included in both the in-text and reference citations. If the developer is not known, the publisher should be given in place of the developer. The year of release should be included in both the in-text citation and the reference citation. If the game is available in multiple editions, the title of each edition should be indicated in the citation.

Lastly, the citation should indicate if the screen name is a person’s real name or a pseudonym. If the screen name is a real name, it should be given in the first mention in the citation. If the screen name is a pseudonym, it should be given in the second mention in the citation.

It is also necessary to include the game’s version when citing it in an academic paper. This is important because different versions of the same game may have been released in different years. This information can be found on the game’s packaging or in the game’s description on the game’s website. This information can also be retrieved from the database that holds the game’s metadata.