How Do I Choose a Dress For My Body Type?

Acknowledging your body type will enable you to select a dress that will accentuate it. Stylists often suggest mid- or knee length styles for short frames as they give taller women the illusion of longer legs.

Pear-shaped bodies tend to feature wider hips and thighs than upper bodies, so stylists recommend emphasizing the waist by wearing fitted styles or tightening with a belt. To balance out these differences, stylists suggest emphasizing it through fashion choices or belting it tighter with belting techniques.

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Pear Shape

Pear shape body types tend to have fuller hips and thighs, so wearing dresses that create the appearance of balanced curves is key for them. A-line dresses work particularly well as they skim past the widest part of your hips to create a slimmer silhouette; dresses with wrap or cinch waists also help highlight this figure; drawing attention upwards creates the impression of slimmer bottom half while dresses featuring very voluminous skirt portions will only accentuate your widest area further.

As far as tops go, blouses or t-shirts with embellished collars or off the shoulder styles work best to elongate this body type’s wider shoulders and balance out your fuller hips. Ruffled front shirts also work well to add visual weight without too much cleavage showing, while chunky knitwear and long cardigans help elongate vertical lines of your body while the cowl neckline draws the eye upward towards your upper neck which helps elongate its shorter torso.

Regarding trousers, it’s wiser to opt for flat-front styles as these will create an unbroken silhouette and will avoid drawing attention down towards your widest part. Pear shape body types may also benefit from jumpingsuits but beware those featuring tapered legs or wide waistbands as these will emphasize hips.

Shoes for pear-shaped figures should include heels that are slightly higher than usual; this will elongate your legs. Pointed or strappy sandals also work to elongate them further. When selecting bags, larger ones that draw the eye away from your hips should be used, and chunky necklaces and earrings will elongate the vertical line of your face; be mindful not to overdo this as too much jewelry may look overwhelming.


If you have an attractive bust and narrow waistline, your dress should emphasize both curves while providing balance to your overall figure. Look for styles with ruching, wrapping or unique necklines and details to highlight cleavage while wearing a belt to draw attention to your slim waistline. Rompers or jumpsuits also work great as these pieces feature roomier pieces from waist down that accentuate slim figures.

Your body should be celebrated and appreciated; choose dresses that showcase it beautifully. A fitted style or sheath that follows your natural body line would work best, while avoid dresses that tighten around your hips or have super short hemlines as these will disproportion your figure. A V-Neck or Open Neckline would provide maximum support and compliment the shape of both neck and face for optimal effect.

When your shoulders and hips are wide while your waistline is narrower than usual, this is known as an inverted triangle or apple body type. To emphasize your curves and define your waistline effectively, try wearing sheath and fit & flare dresses that have roomier material below the waist; adding a corset or structured bodice can cinch in your waist more effectively; sweetheart or shallow V-neck necklines will add another beautiful accent – flaunt it all to its best advantage and show everyone its beauty! This rare and gorgeous body type deserves its due.


Rectangle body types tend to feature wider shoulders than hips and an undefined waistline, which makes a dress that creates the appropriate proportions an aesthetically pleasing choice for them. A wrap style dress adds curves and softens their square frame; adding volume through its wide shoulder line as a result of adding curves with wrap style sleeves can soften its width further still; puff, flutter or bell shape sleeves add volume in arms while dresses with flouncy hemlines break up straight lines of their body, drawing the eye upward.

As a general guideline, tops that fall past the waist tend to work best with rectangle bodies as they will help elongate and draw attention up towards your torso and bust area. A dress with an eye-catching neckline like a scoop or V-neck will draw the most flattering lines on its surface and draw eyes toward them; alternatively a boat or halter neck adds height which creates slimmer and longer looks on a rectangle body type.

At the bottom of your outfit, try opting for wide leg styles as they will draw the eye down while adding curves to your hips. Flared hems add volume while lengthening legs; skirts with tulip hems add movement while emphasizing waist lines while pleated skirts add volume that emphasizes hips.

Jumpsuit and playsuit styles are appropriate for women with rectangle body types provided that they come equipped with either a narrow or medium sized belt to define the waist. Details like pockets, ties, ruching or lace on the front will create volume while softening an otherwise square figure. Furthermore, jumpsuits with tummy-smoothing panels and V-neck or wrap neck necklines may accentuate bust projection while slimming waist.


The hourglass body type is recognized for its wide hips and bust measurements that pair with narrow waist measurements to form a curvier siren silhouette. Women who possess this body type carry weight evenly throughout their frame, and can pull off almost any dress style; however, certain dresses work better for this body type than others.

Form-fitting dresses are ideal for this body shape because they accentuate curves while emphasizing natural waistline. A-line and wrap dresses are excellent examples, and you can add a belt around the waist for further emphasis of an hourglass figure. Intricate necklines such as V-shape, sweetheart or strapless can also help this figure stand out – midi or maxi length dresses featuring fitted waists can also work very well.

Slim and straight styles of trousers are best suited to hourglass figures as they help create an aesthetically pleasing silhouette. Pleats or darts should be avoided since these can obscure natural waistline definition. Trousers with wide legs should also not be worn because these tend to add extra volume at the bottom half.

Skirts should elongate and emphasize your stunning legs, making the figure appear longer. A-line skirts are a good choice as they pair easily with both casual and formal attire. Skirts with high slits may also help create curves while accentuating legs.

Shoes featuring pointed-toe design can help elongate legs and draw attention to feet, making an effective statement about this body type. Heels that are too tall may overpower a naturally balanced frame and instead elongate thighs instead of feet.