How Do I Check My iTunes Gift Card Balance?

There are multiple ways to check your apple gift card balance: either visiting their website or using your iPhone can work – although each may differ slightly depending on where you live.

These instructions were performed on an iPhone running iOS 8, although they should work just as effectively for other devices.

1. Go to

Apple gift cards are a fantastic choice for giving thoughtful yet easy-to-use presents, from music and movies, to hardware devices like iPhones and iPads. If you have one and are curious as to how much is left, there are multiple methods of checking its balance.

Logging onto iTunes Store online can help you check your balance easily. After signing in, select the store tab and look under your name for available balances; if none exist then this could indicate that the card may no longer be active or expired.

Check your balance on your iPhone or iPad using iTunes on Apple Store – any device with internet connectivity is capable of accessing this application – to check it simply tap “Account Icon in Top Right Corner”, enter your Apple ID name, then view Balance page to view results.

An alternative way to check your Apple gift card balance is by visiting the official Apple website. This site covers everything Apple-related, from App Store and iCloud services to iTunes. It’s simple and user-friendly navigation offers information on all their products and services as well as having a handy FAQs section to address frequently asked questions.

To redeem an Apple gift card, open either the App Store or iTunes Store on your device, sign in with your Apple ID, and tap Redeem Gift Card or Code. When redeeming, enter the code from the back of your card and follow onscreen instructions to complete the process – its value will then be added back into your account balance.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Apple gift cards is whether they expire. While many companies do impose gift card expiration dates, Apple does not. Therefore, you can always check its balance at any time.

2. Sign in with your apple id

Checking the balance of an iTunes gift card on any Apple device is a straightforward process that only requires your Apple ID and card code – or signing into your Apple account on the web to view its status – with ease. Use that credit from your card to buy apps, music and other items from the Apple Store!

This wikiHow will demonstrate how to check your balance on an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows computer. First ensure your device is connected to Wi-Fi before signing in and searching your name at the bottom of the screen for its balance; if none can be seen it means you haven’t redeemed your gift card yet.

In order to access your iTunes gift card balance, it’s necessary to redeem its code first. You can do this by opening the App Store on an iOS device and tapping “Redeem.” Next, choose to scan with either Use Camera or enter Manually as appropriate – remembering that its code must match up with that on the back of your gift card or it won’t work!

Once you’ve redeemed a code, you can check your balance on any device – iPhone, iPad or Mac – or visit Apple’s website and look under your name. Please keep in mind that an iTunes gift card balance can only be used to buy products and services available from Apple such as apps, music or games and will not cover subscription services like iCloud storage or email.

This article will walk you through how to check your Apple Gift Card Balance on an iPhone, iPad or Mac. These steps apply regardless of iOS or macOS version – although Apple provides different instructions than what may work for you.

3. Click on the store tab

If you own an Apple gift card, knowing how to access its balance is crucial. Doing this on iPhone and iPad is straightforward; alternatively, check online. Simply sign in to the App Store from either device, tap “Store,” then “Your Balance”, which will display directly below your name.

If your card includes a PIN, enter it in the field labeled “PIN”. Physical Apple Store and iTunes gift cards typically feature their PIN on the reverse, while email gift cards have it at the lower portion of their message. After entering your PIN successfully, click Redeem to add credit to your account so you can use your balance for purchases made within App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store or Apple Music app.

Gift cards can also be used to purchase apps, games and other content from the Mac App Store or iOS App Store; however, your available spending funds are limited; for example if you have a $50 gift card you are limited to purchasing $50 worth of content; any additional purchases would require either redeeming another card or using other forms of payment.

To check your iTunes gift card balance, visit Apple’s website and follow their instructions or call their customer support and have someone look up your balance for you. Most gift card balances don’t expire, however; before using them make sure that they’re valid before spending them.

Apple provides links to gift card balance websites in different countries on its website and Google, so you can easily locate one relevant to you. On an iPhone or iPad, if you click the “Store” tab to see your balance. Alternatively, open up either iTunes Store or App Store Featured tab and sign in using your Apple ID; once signed in your balance will be listed alongside its name.

4. Look under your name

Apple Store Gift Cards provide an easy and cost-effective way to buy apps, music, movies and other media on iOS devices. Redeemable at both physical stores as well as online, you can also use them to buy accessories for your device. Once you receive one of these gift cards you can quickly check its balance using either iPhone or iPad; first make note of its redemption code which can be found on its back and if unsure contact Apple customer service for assistance with that step.

To check your apple gift card balance on iPhone, first ensure your Apple ID is linked with iTunes Store. To do this, open App Store and tap Account icon located at the top right corner, followed by tapping Your Name then View Balance for quick viewing of available balance. Alternatively, check directly from iTunes website!

Even without an iPhone or Mac, it is still possible to check your gift card balance using a Windows computer. For this, install iTunes onto the computer. When completed, open App Store and click your profile picture at the bottom of the page; your gift card balance will then appear below your name.

On your Mac, you can check your balance by visiting the App Store and clicking your name at the top. If logged in, your balance should appear on the lower left side of the page.

Apple provides another way of checking gift card balances by calling its customer support number, which is typically faster than browsing their website. A customer support representative will be able to give you exact details regarding how much money is left on your gift card as well as giving helpful suggestions on how you should spend it.