How Do I Check My GRE Scores?

GRE scores are determined by how many questions were correctly answered; then this raw score is converted into a scaled score.

Your test scores will remain valid for five years from their date of taking, and can be sent directly to up to four universities free of charge using ScoreSelect.

Log in to your ETS account

As a GRE test taker, an ETS account is necessary to monitor your scores. You can find the login link to access it on their official website, where once logged in you can gain access to score results and other important exam details such as registration procedures, reschedules and cancellations as well as ID requirements. If you’re having trouble accessing your ETS account please reach out for assistance by contacting ETS directly.

After taking your GRE test at an authorized testing center, you can instantly view unofficial scores for both Verbal and Quantitative sections. However, Analytical Writing section results may take up to 10-14 days post-test. Additional score reports can also be requested at any time after test date if needed at an additional fee; your initial GRE testing fee includes sending scores to four schools of your choosing; any additional reports would incur further costs.

Once your GRE scores have been released, they should appear online in your ETS account approximately 10-15 days post-test date. Your official scores include Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning scores as well as your overall score as well as percentile ranks for each section; additionally you may add subject test scores into your official scores if applicable.

Additionally to sending official GRE scores, ETS ScoreSelect allows you to select and send only your best GRE test scores directly to universities for free. This way, you can easily highlight those from previous tests which performed best or even hide low ones if desired.

ETS’ website offers an exhaustive list of graduate schools and fellowship sponsors eligible to accept GRE scores, with up to four additional institutions or fellowship sponsors that you can designate on test day for an additional fee.

Visit the ETS website

GRE scores are one of the most essential components of graduate school applications, showing institutions that you are prepared for graduate level work and helping your application stand out from others. You can check your GRE scores through ETS website and compare it with others; your unofficial GRE report will contain Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Writing scores along with your percentile rank; while an official GRE score report includes your scores for all three sections plus overall score and percentile rank information.

Your GRE scores can be easily checked by logging in to your ETS account and visiting the “View Scores and Score Recipients” page. From here you will be able to select which colleges should receive your scores; additionally you can decide between sending just your most recent test administration or all your previous five years’ test results as a single package. Furthermore, in addition to GRE scores you will also have access to photo and essay responses as part of this experience.

Your official GRE scores should be available online in your ETS account within 10-14 days after taking your exam date, and will also be sent directly to the schools you selected on test day. If you wish to send them elsewhere for an additional cost of $27 per score report.

If you cancel your GRE scores within 60 days of testing date, your score reporting fee will be refunded; however if you retake the test you must pay again.

Contact the ETS customer support team either by phone or email; to order additional score reports you will require the month, year and registration or confirmation number from your original test date. Alternatively, download an additional score report request form from their website where you must provide your name, address and email.

Call ETS customer support

GRE scores are valid for five years from their test date, and can be applied toward graduate program applications as you wish. You may opt to send only your best scores, although certain schools require that all scores be sent in. To make sure your application to each graduate school goes to the right program, review its requirements in advance.

If you are uncertain of your GRE score or have taken multiple attempts, ETS Customer Support can assist by calling. They can guide you through the process of sending your scores to different universities as well as help explain what each section means in terms of scoring system and scoring system rules. In addition they can give advice on improving your score as well as giving guidance as to which universities might best suit you for admissions consideration.

Checking Your GRE Scores Online You should receive notification when your official GRE scores are ready, typically 10-15 days post test date. Alternatively, unofficial Verbal and Quant scores can also be viewed immediately following testing at the testing center; however Analytical Writing scores won’t appear at this time.

Once your official GRE scores are released by ETS, they will send an email notifying you that they can be accessed online and downloaded in PDF format for viewing in your account. You may also print off copies for personal record.

GRE scores are determined based on the number of correctly answered questions in each section, converted to an equivalent scaled score, then reported in deciles from 200-800. GRE scores are used by many graduate and business schools for admissions processes, while some even offer scholarships based on your GRE score.

On test day, you may select up to four schools for free to send your GRE scores directly. After receiving your official score report, additional schools can be sent GRE scores at a cost of $27 each; use ETS’ “Select Scores” tool in your ETS account account for this option.

Contact your test administrator

After months of intensive GRE exam prep, it can be nerve-wracking wondering when your scores will arrive. You should see them within 10-15 days after taking the exam; an email from ETS will notify you when your scores are ready to view online; for an additional fee you can also have them sent directly to schools.

Your official score report will include your scores for verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing sections as well as your percentile rank – an indication of how your performance compared to others who took the exam on test day. Your percentile rank can be determined by dividing your score by all test taker scores on that same test date.

Your preliminary GRE score displayed on screen may differ slightly from the final scaled score that will be sent to institutions you nominate. ETS offers a service called ScoreSelect which allows you to select which of your GRE scores you would like sent directly to universities; thus allowing you to send only your best ones!

Keep in mind that GRE scores expire after five years. Before applying to graduate programs using your old scores, ensure they’re still valid by checking the dates on your score report or calling ETS customer support to see if your scores have expired.

Within 10 to 15 days after taking the GRE test, your scores can be seen online in your ETS account. You can request to have them sent directly to universities at an additional fee; up to four GRE scores may also be sent free by selecting them when registering for the exam.

ETS makes it easy to access your GRE scores for free online. Just log into your account, click “View Scores,” and the Test Taker Score Report page will display all of your scores from Verbal and Quantitative sections as well as overall and analytical writing scores in PDF format.