How Do I Check My Data?

If you’re on a plan that limits the amount of data you can use per month, tracking your usage can be critical in order to avoid going over your allowance. The good news is that all iPhones and most Android phones come with built-in tools to keep track of your usage, as well as which apps are eating up the most cellular data.

If your iPhone is connected to your carrier’s cellular network, open the Settings app and navigate to Cellular. You’ll see a chart of how much data you’ve used for this billing period, as well as how many megabytes each app has consumed this cycle. If you’re on a family plan, it may be helpful to separate the data consumption of each phone line into its own chart to identify which apps are chewing up the most.

You can also find this information on the Apple website, under Data Usage. You can see which devices are using the most cellular data, and you can view your data usage on a weekly or monthly basis. If you’re concerned about consuming too much data, you can also set your iPhone to alert you when you’re approaching your data limit. You can also enable Data Saver mode, which will pause apps’ background activity and reduce your usage even further.

Depending on your device and Android, you can check your data either through the Settings app or within your phone’s app drawer. If you’re on a Google Pixel or a Samsung Galaxy phone that runs the company’s One UI skin, swipe up from the home screen to open the app drawer and tap the Settings icon. From there, select Network & Internet and then Data Usage. You can find your current data usage graph and then set your billing cycle, data usage limit, and data warning limit on this screen. You can also set the phone to switch to Low Data Mode if it’s close to hitting your data allowance.

If you’re on a different carrier than AT&T, you can get a more detailed breakdown of your data consumption by downloading the myATT app. You can also access this info through your online account on the carrier’s website. Other carriers also offer similar services, but they may have slightly different menus or names. For example, Sprint customers can check their usage by dialing a specific code: *#Usage to see how many GB of data they’ve used and to receive notifications when they reach 50% or higher of their allowance.