How Do I Change the Title of a Wikipedia Article?

Wiki is an open platform that enables anyone to quickly edit and add content, with the goal of building an inclusive resource accessible by all. Wikipedia is one of the most renowned wikis on the internet with over 54 million articles that are constantly being added and changed – it may be hard to keep up! However, there are several easy methods you can use to modify article titles on Wikipedia.

Step one for editing Wikipedia articles involves signing in with your wiki account and accessing your edit box on the left side. Clicking aShow previewa will also let you view how changes will look before saving them.

As a newcomer to Wikipedia, it may take you some time before you’re granted the ability to edit an article’s title. To gain this privilege, autoconfirmed status must first be achieved – this requires being a member for more than four days and having made at least 10 edits to article namespace – if this condition has been met then following the instructions in this article is all it takes for title edits to take effect.

When creating an article, it’s essential that the title follows wiki guidelines when choosing it. Your title should be informative, accurate, and concise while written in third person tense to help readers comprehend your topic and be more likely to read your piece. Incorporating keywords will also make the piece searchable by users.

Though changing an article’s title is possible, you should do it only when absolutely necessary. Renaming existing articles without discussing these changes in its talk page could cause much confusion and result in people misinterpreting its contents; furthermore, without discussing your changes on its talk page they could easily be reversed later on.

To rename an article, it requires the ability to move pages (see Wikipedia:Requested moves). To do this, open the article you would like to rename and click on “Move”, at which time its current name will be replaced with your desired one and a redirect will be created for any prior links to this article.

Once your changes are ready for public view, click the aPublish changesa button at the top of the page. Your changes will then become visible to everyone visiting your site. To avoid accidental modifications and protect your reputation as an editor by safeguarding against accidental edits, saving a version of an article before making major modifications may help safeguard against accidental changes and protect from others who attempt to undo your work.