How Do I Change the Language on My HP Laptop Windows 7?

How do i change the language on my hp laptop windows 7

You can switch the keyboard language on your hp laptop to any of the more than 30 available languages. It’s a useful feature for anyone who wants to use their computer in a foreign country or if you’ve bought a new laptop and don’t want it set to the local language.

1. Download the right language pack

Microsoft offers a range of languages for Windows 7, which means you can pick one that best suits your needs and install it to your system. If you don’t already have a language pack installed, you can find them in the Windows 7 Download Center (which is accessed via the Start button), or by going to the Microsoft Support website and selecting “Windows 7” as the product version.

2. Add the desired language to your hp laptop

In the Windows 7 Control Panel, click Clock, Language and Region. Then, select the Change Keyboards tab and either add a new language or set the default to English(United States).

3. Add the appropriate input method

To change the input language on your hp laptop, you need to first click the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of the window and then select Keyboards and Languages. This is a rather roundabout route and not particularly obvious in some cases but it’s the easiest way to do it.

4. Change the display language on your hp laptop

A language pack changes the name of menus, fields, and labels across the user interface to suit a particular language. This is useful if you’re a multilingual household or work in an office with several people who speak different languages.

5. Log off for the changes to take effect

A language pack also allows you to change your display language in Windows 7, even if you’re logged on as a different user account. For example, if you’re a German speaker and wish to change your Windows 7 to display the dialog boxes and menus in English, you can do this by logging off and then logging back on again.

6. Uninstall the language packs

You can uninstall the additional language packs that you’ve downloaded if you no longer use them or they’re causing problems with your system. This will free up space on your hard drive.

7. Alternatively, you can remove the language pack and corresponding keyboard languages that are currently installed on your hp laptop by going to the Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs page.

8. You can also change the location setting on your hp laptop by changing this option in Windows 10.

9. How do I add a new language to my hp laptop?

The Windows keyboard language options are a bit more complicated than the desktop language settings. You can only add new languages to your hp laptop if you have Ultimate or Enterprise edition. The other versions of Windows have a much simpler interface and you can simply select your preferred language when you install the operating system.