How Do I Change the Language on My Computer Back to English?

If you’re multilingual or use your computer to communicate with people who speak other languages, you can customize the language settings in Windows so that programs and websites display in your preferred language. You can also change the keyboard language, which is used for typing and for text-to-speech and speech recognition features. You may also want to change the default system locale, which affects things like the Welcome screen and new user accounts. You can also change the Display language, which is the language that you see when you click the Language Bar icon in the notification area. If you change the system locale, you must log out for the changes to take effect.

To change the language on your computer back to English, open the Control Panel and select “Region and Language.” Click “Change display language” and select the English language from the list of available options. If you see a “Download and install language pack” option, click it to download the English language pack. After you’ve selected the language, click the “Set as primary” button to make it your primary display language. You can also press Alt-Shift to toggle between language modes without accessing the Language Bar.

The language you select will be used by all apps, settings, menus, and other areas in Windows, so it’s important to choose the right one. You can also add multiple display languages to individual user accounts on a single PC, which is useful if you’re sharing the computer with other people. You can even add a separate display language to the Windows Start menu, which is used when you’re using the computer offline.

Mac computers can run in several different languages, and you can change the language settings at any time. This allows you to use your computer in the language that is most familiar to you, or one that you can read more easily. The Mac operating system can show menus, messages, and websites in the language you select, and it supports several different keyboard layouts and input sources.

You can also use the Speech Recognition feature on your Mac to type and interact with your computer with your voice. This can be helpful if you have limited hands or prefer to use the microphone when working. You can set the system language to any of the supported languages, including English. You can also change the keyboard layout and other preferences in the Keyboard settings.

The steps to change the keyboard language in Windows 11 and Windows 10 are slightly different, but they’re very similar. To change the keyboard language in either of these operating systems, you’ll need to open Settings and navigate to Time & Language. Once you’re there, click the Add a language button under Preferred languages. Search for the language you want to add, and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. Once you’ve added the language, it will appear in the list of available languages in the Settings app. You can also find it in the Input menu in Applications and in other places.