How Do I Change the Date on My Photos?

Dates are days or events which mark an important historical event; you can use dates as a way of setting plans with others.

If multiple photos are out-of-date by an equal amount, you can make changes on all at the same time on a Mac. Simply select all, click the three-dot circle and select Adjust Date & Time from its menu.

1. Open the photo

Date stamps or timestamps are saved as part of digital photographs to indicate when and where it was taken, including its time zone. They serve various functions such as photo organization and GPS data capturing; if your photos have incorrect dates or are all labeled with one date it can be helpful to change it quickly using either your native photo editor or dedicated applications like Lightroom.

If you want to edit an individual photo, open it and swipe up from the bottom of the screen – this will provide options to change both its date and other data about it. Alternatively, right-clicking any folder of photos will bring up a menu allowing you to modify their EXIF data.

Google Photos offers a convenient online service that lets you edit the dates on photos you have already uploaded. Simply select multiple pictures by clicking on their checkmark icons in the top left corner and use either Shift dates and times or Set one date and time options – when finished simply hit Save in the top right corner to save them all!

ExifTool, available both for Mac and Windows computers, provides another method for editing photos by changing their dates or other details. It allows for simultaneous changes of EXIF data on multiple images taken at different times or places; making this tool particularly helpful if photographers take multiple shots with the same subject matter at different locations or times.

2. Select the photo

Photo date stamps are an easy and useful way to keep track of our photos, with automatic cameras adding them automatically or post-processing software later adding the stamp. Sometimes we may need to modify this date – this guide will show you exactly how!

First, select the photo you would like to edit, and click on the circle with three horizontal dots in the top-right corner of your screen. This will open a dropdown menu where you can make changes including altering its date. When finished simply click ‘Done’!

Lightroom or ACDSee software offers another means for editing multiple images simultaneously: changing EXIF information directly rather than altering visible photo files directly, thus eliminating any loss in quality from image changes. Simply select all photos you wish to change before selecting either File > Exif Info (Mac) or Edit Metadata (PC) respectively.

Take a look at Google Photos on your computer as another solution – this service enables you to change the date, metadata such as location and caption of any photo selected for editing, as well as change its date, as well as add captions or locations – and it is completely free for use! You can use it both Mac or PC and it comes equipped with support for both platforms.

Start by selecting the photo you would like to edit and right-click, choosing “Properties.” A new window will then open with double-clickable fields for date and time fields in which you can edit these dates/times manually.

Note that this method only works on photos uploaded to Google Photos; if you need to edit photos not uploaded yet, use a different method such as Picasa for desktop computers instead.

3. Click on the three dots

Organising your photos by date can help keep track of when they were taken, but sometimes digital photographs contain inaccurate timestamps that need correcting. There are ways around this.

Change the date on your photos using various methods. Software on your computer, a camera with built-in timer functionality or websites specifically designed to edit photo metadata allow you to do this easily.

When you are ready to change the dates on your photos, simply select them and click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. A drop-down menu will then appear with several options including Adjust Date & Time which opens a new window where you can alter their dates accordingly.

iPhone owners can change the date on their photos easily with iOS 15’s Photos app, using its built-in Photos feature to modify them. iOS 15 adds some great new features to this application such as viewing and editing metadata of photos and videos. To change dates on photos quickly and efficiently: To do so, open any photo, tap or swipe up, tap (i), tap the three dot menu at top right, select Adjust Date & Time then.

The app will then display the current date and time in a pop-up window, allowing you to choose any date/time combination for use on photos/videos taken with that camera. When saving, the date/time chosen will automatically apply itself to their photo/video.

Once you’ve updated the dates on your photos, they will reflect in the timeline view of Google Photos app or web browser. Simply select which pictures need updating before clicking on their Info icons at the top right to check their metadata and update accordingly. Your updates will then show up as changes on their respective timeline views in Google Photos.

4. Select Adjust Date & Time

Your Mac provides an easy way for you to change a photo’s date by selecting it and going to Image > Adjust Date and Time. A window will open, allowing you to manually select its date and time setting; these changes will then apply across the folder it belongs to.

If you need to edit multiple photos at once that require similar changes, it is possible. Adobe Bridge or ACDSee Photo Studio Pro applications provide this function; however, if time is of the essence and don’t want to wait for their processing power to complete the task then Photos provides the same capability directly.

Launch the Photos app and tap on any image to select it, before tapping the info (i) button at the bottom to view more details including its date and time of capture. Finally, to edit, hit Adjust date and time option to modify them accordingly.

Once done, this will change the date on all devices with Photos installed, including those not yet onboarded with it.

iOS15 or later users with photos stored in their Photos app on an iPhone can also do the same by opening an image and hitting the info (i) button at the bottom. From here, choose Shift dates & times or Set one date & time from the bottom menu.

If you want to change several images simultaneously, select them before clicking on the three dot icon in the lower right corner of the screen and selecting Edit Date & Time – Shift Dates or Set Dates, depending on your need – either one will shift dates/times of all selected photos into sync; while setting new ones will set an official date/time stamp.